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The Prom - new Ryan Murphy film

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by maverick_79, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Meryl, Nicole, Kerry, I would be perched for that cast...but why does James Corden seem to be able to mug his way through these top notch acting gigs. Like what does he have on Hollywood producers? I’m still tentatively perched though.
  2. I won't watch cuz of James Corden. He is not talented nor does he have an appealing personality, so I'm not sure why Hollywood has such a hard on for him.
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  3. WHY do people keep hiring James Corden?!
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  4. My idea of hell.
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  5. This no longer starring Ariana Grande and apparently being about the adults and not the teens really leaves me with zero interest in this.
  6. What's it about?
  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I honestly enjoyed James in Into the Woods ddd.
  8. I think this looks like an absolute dream.
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  9. K94


    Meryl, Kerry, and Nicole though

  10. But then... James Corden and Keegan-Michael Key. Really luring us in only to punish us.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ryan Murphy and James Corden is a hellish concept.
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  12. I wouldn't expect anything worse in 2020
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  13. Meryl and Nicole


    James Corden

  14. Is this a alternative version of Glee or something?!
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  15. If someone could make a compilation of Meryl and Nicole's scenes, please and thank u.
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  16. Most disgusting of all is that James Corden got second billing after Meryl.

    Justice for Nicole!
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  17. I don’t mind Keegan-Michael Key but James Cordon ruins everything he touches. Does anyone like him? I feel like I keep hearing rumors that even the UK can’t stand him.
  18. He became more tolerable when he left.

    Sorry America.
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  19. Posted about this in the Netflix thread, but figured I’d also share here:

    Watched The Prom tonight and it’s such a high budget corny treat chock full of wonderful performances (aside from James Corden as a tortured gay being the worst miscasting I’ve seen since John Travolta in Hairspray). It’s all very High School Musical & Glee if they were given no limit on how much money could be spent on production, and I thoroughly enjoyed the silliness of it all. Meryl, Nicole and Andrew steal every scene they’re in, and I’d argue this is one Meryl’s strongest performances in years. Also, the two actresses who played the two teens are fantastic. This is the perfect over-saturated cheese for the holiday season - probably helped by the fact that Ryan had no involvement in the writing.
  20. Is there any way of fast forwarding and/or ignoring the James Corden scenes.

    I've never been turned off by a human being more. Plus, working in TV I have never heard a good word said about him which speaks VOLUMES and is my favourite tv story to spread.
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