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The Prom - new Ryan Murphy film

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by maverick_79, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Sadly, no. He and Meryl are the leads so he’s unavoidable. You could definitely fast-forward through his solo scenes/side plot, but he’s featured prominently in every group scene.

    And the gay ‘accent’ he puts on is easily one of the most offensive things I’ve come across in recent years.
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  2. Can he go back to the UK and leave us alone? He's not funny. He's not a good actor and his late night show, which is basically an attempt at doing the Graham Norton Show for Americans, is so dull.
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  3. No. We ended up with Pierce Morgan back you can keep him.
  4. Do tell! Any excuse to trash this talentless mess!
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  5. I need Dakota Johnson to take him down like she did with Ellen.
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  6. Many a story of him treating runners and members of production appallingly, being an absolute diva c**t on League and the most telling thing for me was when he did that truth or dare game on his show and he got asked to name one of his camera crew and he couldn’t - chances are (though I don’t actually know) the crew would be pretty much the same week in week out.

    I also think his AMA on reddit got hijacked about stories too, it’s a fun read
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  7. Consider me perched for this mess:

    “Sexuality aside, Corden’s aggressively charmless performance would be seen as a disaster in its own right but it’s his regressive and clumsy attempts to try and camp it up that edge it into something far more heinous. When critics first got to see the film, it was the bum note no one could ignore. “Offensively miscast” said Newsweek’s Samuel Spencer, the Telegraph’s Tim Robey wrote that it made him “embarrassed” to be gay while, most dramatically yet accurately, Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson called it “one of the worst performances of the 21st century”.”
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  8. Having seen it, I would agree with all of this.
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  9. Love this for him
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  10. I had to turn this off. As a Nicole Kidman stan through and through, I am so disappointed.

    I don't mind straight men playing gay men. I think if someone is right for the role, cast them. Obviously, in some cases that's not my mantra, such as race, a cis person playing a trans person, etc. But overall, sure, cast the straight white man as one of us if he can act. I think Nick Robinson did a pretty good job in Love Simon. I wasn't particularly offended by Timothée fucking the peach and fantasizing about Armie, whatever.

    But for James Corden to put on a fagcent and a limp wrist and make a mockery of us, that's something else. To cast someone who's never proven himself to be an ally on any level and assign him to make a caricature of gay men, purposefully play into every negative stereotype as us is dangerous.

    James Corden doesn't face the social anxieties of going out as a gay man. James Corden has never worked a service industry job, or even just spoken in public, and felt the need to lower his voice and sound more masculine in order to be tipped or respected. James Corden has never needed to look down at his limp wrist and adjust it, be conscious of his lisp, or any other gay physical stereotypes and worry about how those attributes could incite judgement, prejudice or violence.

    James Corden has never been followed home, barged in on in his apartment by security on pride for acting "suspicious," had a baseball bat held over his head, hot soup thrown at him, Facebook pages made mocking his sexuality, parents asking their kids stop socializing with him, school counselors saying it's his fault he's bullied for wearing a pink shirt or not been accepted to a private Christian school for his identity. As a gay person, all of these things happened to me. James Corden never had to explain to his coworkers at a blood drive that he couldn't give blood just for having sex in the last 12 months with the same partner.

    Yet gay people face all the trauma and bullying and judgment from straight people for being queer and acting queer. We have trouble finding friends, jobs, schools, relationships with our families. James Corden gets a CBS deal and millions of dollars and goes home to his family in LA and reaps the benefits of our culture that he does nothing to contribute to.

    Fuck this film, fuck this casting and fuck you James Corden for making a mockery of gay men and poorly playing a spoof of everything about us we feel ostracized for and that makes our childhoods and lives unsafe, depressing and unfulfilled.

    I always knew I disliked James Corden. Many of the industry people I worked with in London said he was horrible behind the scenes. Our family friends in America met James as he was the celeb guest for a company event and said he was all smiles and jokes when the mic was on and a tosser behind the scenes. I am so glad I can finally justify my dislking towards this useless, untalented, unfunny, arrogant, pompous asshole.

    There are so many famous and upcoming, talented queer men you could've played this role. Furthermore, there are fem gay men and fat gay men (I tread lightly here and apologize in advance if that's problematic as I only say this because that's another under represented group), and especially gay men of color who would get a big break starring alongside Meryl and Nicole but you give it to....the carpool karaoke man? "The guy" as Britney said? I saw Grey Henson on Broadway as Damien in Mean Girls and he would be perfect for this. Hell, Ross Matthews could've done this. Tituss Burgess could've done this. But James fucking Corden?

    Go back to driving celebs around the block and eating cow ears for a few hits on YouTube. What a wanker.

    (I am several glasses of wine - trauma induced from this "film" - in and apologize for extra emotion and typos)
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  11. I see your Piers Morgan and I raise you Ellen.
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  12. This is delicious.
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  13. If one good thing comes from this mess, I hope it's that actors & studios will be afraid of the backlash that can come with getting it so wrong and cast these parts appropriately.
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  14. Regardless of gay or straight, any time James Corden accepts a role he is taking it from someone more deserving and talented. I really don't understand why him of all the milquetoast British men for Hollywood to fawn over. He's typecast in a very specific way and I get that but I could name ten chubby white Brit men who are all that and also able to act. He's not talented, he's not entertaining, he's not likeable... I really don't like him.
  15. To be fair, he was a very talented young actor (All or Nothing for Mike Leigh, Fat Friends, The History Boys) so this is a little unfair.

    That said, he’s made zero effort to improve or leave a legacy worth anything and is by all accounts a bit of a dick to work with so... yes, don’t cast him anymore please.
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  16. I wouldn't go as far as to say he was a very talented young actor. More like he was in a lane that was more suited to him and he should have stayed there.
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  17. Don't @ me girls but this was lowkey funn ddd and the "one thing's universal" song is a bop.
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  18. people bringing her up as a beacon of righteousness when she’s also horrible irl will never not amuse me
  19. I watched the movie. It’s cute/fine but James Cordon was a pain in every single scene he was in. I have no issue with straight actors playing gay characters but when it’s handled the way he handled it... nope. Don’t like it one bit.
    It’s a joke. He has issues and is not a great person to work for and yet straight people still eat him up.
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  20. Spill it!
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