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The Prom - new Ryan Murphy film

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by maverick_79, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Apart from Corden’s entire presence, it’s a perfectly delightful slice of oversaturated cheese.
  2. I once worked with someone fresh out of a shoot with her who described her as the worst celebrity they had ever encountered, full on diva, refusing to say certain phrases for the shoot, comparing herself to other celebrities, it was honestly a scream. The way they phrased it was like "if I can get through that shoot, I can do anything."
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  3. This is much more entertaining than that Ellen interview. The sheer lack of personality.
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  4. Prom is garbage.
    Also proms.
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  5. Yeah I hated it. The songs were mostly fine but everything looked so cheesy and cheap. I hate that after never doing musicals since Moulin Rouge, this is what had Nicole on the singing booth again.
  6. Not the Nine erasure
  7. Oh I didn't know she was on this dd A mess.
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  8. So I actually watched this and Corden's performance was worse than I ever could have imagined.
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  9. Like everyone else, I hated James Corden’s performance. He really thought he was doing something with some of his shit, overwrought acting (“I was SIX-TEEN!!!”) and was probably expecting critical acclaim/noms come awards season. I find the fact that he has received a unanimously critical savaging instead grimly satisfying.
  10. This was awful.
  11. It’s such a shame. There’s so much good here - Meryl is on top form, ditto Kidman, and the girl playing Emma is brilliant. And then there’s a turd on a birthday table.
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  12. Uno


    I really hate how the MANY homophobic characters of the film were all forgiven after a simple “my bad!” on their end.
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  13. Not ashamed to admit I thoroughly enjoyed this. The music, choreography, and performances were fabulous. I also cried a few times? phew

    And yes, completely agree James was a terrible miscast and the one gripe I had while watching. I just don't understand how he was the top choice for this?!
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