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The Pussycat Dolls - React / 2020 Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Yes.
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  2. The 2 blondes - 2 redheads and 1 brunette is such a strong image I love it.
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  3. Me
  4. That cover... a photoshop nightmare. The retoucher was like "justice for Kimberly, fuck the others".
  5. It is indeed a nightmare of a cover.
  6. Is it me or is it slightly better here?

    Yeah it is. Kimberly probably screenshotted and then added filters.
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  7. Are they still on the One Show tonight? The planner is showing Meghan Trainor...
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The cover looks fine to me? They all look stunning.
  9. That cover is stunning.
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  10. They’re on next Wednesday.
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  11. Would it be realistic for them to do a mainly-Greatest-Hits tour to get a lot of tracks out of the way, so that they can then do a proper album tour that actually focuses on the album more right after?

    In any case, I made this, which, not having any new tracks to build it around, it is... what it is:

    01. Bottle Pop
    02. When I Grow Up
    03. Takin Over The World
    04. Top of the World
    05. Whatchamacallit
    06. Painted Windows

    07. Wait a Minute
    08. Stickwitu
    09. Beep
    10. Flirt
    11. Hot Stuff (Remix) (the one from the Tour Edition of PCD)
    12. Poison

    13. I Hate This Part
    14. Hush Hush; Hush Hush
    15. I Don't Need a Man
    16. Don't Hold Your Breath
    17. Right There
    18. Your Love

    19. React
    20. Genetics
    21. Don't Cha
    22. Buttons
    23. Jai Ho
    24. Heartbeat

    And here's a YouTube playlist for it, in case anyone wants to give it a listen (hopefully the videos are not blocked for you...):

    Yes, I understand it's more likely to be 18 tracks long rather than 24, but... It all depends on how they are going to pace it in the end, isn't it? Whether they'd be willing to cut the songs a chorus short, if they're going to have long intros or outros, if some girls would be delivering more static performances here and there instead of all of them delivering at 100% all the time or if they'd even be rotating every few songs instead of all of them being on-stage for all the songs etc.
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  12. I think there'll be at least one cover on the set list, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as they pick something they can dance up a storm to.
  13. They’ll probably do the twelve singles, sway (for the burlesque throwback section), react and a solo section (songs/dance section/covers).

    The Tainted Love/Hot Stuff/Bite The Dust medley would be nice though.
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  14. I like the medley idea. It would be nice for them to focus predominately on PCD (seeing as Carmit is back), rather than Doll Domination, however, Takin' Over the World is still one of my favourites so we shall see.

    I definitely expect 5 solos, all the singles (Bottle Pop included), a cover or two and then that pretty much takes up the set then.
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  15. Just have them do their own backing. I don't need leads, just their own vocals even lipped. That shit would make it pop more.
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  16. I’m excited to see what they do tonight, regardless if Ant and Dec are involved it’s still a good promo slot. I wonder if they’ll be doing the finish the lyric game with Don’t Cha or something too.
  17. Bigger audience for tours
  18. So they're doing the Untold Festival in my country and I legit shrieked when I saw them part as of the line-up because it's so... surprising given its mostly been an EDM/techno affair with some of the genre's biggest names at play throughout the years. This year's line-up however is a bit more... diverse.

    This festival is absolutely huge in terms of attendance (one of the biggest in Europe, 370K attendance in 4 days last year) so the exposure is surely nice.
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