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The Pussycat Dolls - "React" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

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  2. Island

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    I imagine this will only be mainly a UK thing?
  3. ...were that many people really clamoring for them to return? Honest question here, not trying to be shady.
  4. This is going to be tragic.
  5. Mr.Arroz

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  6. If they handle it right, it could be really good. I just hope they don't release a Greatest Hits, they've only had 2 albums!
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  7. I feel like the reunion is going to go south when the Pussycat Dolls' fans get frustrated they can't type their email addresses into the box on that Instagram post.
  8. Here's hoping that at the very least we get a couple of great bops/videos out of this. And I wonder if Carmit is part of the reunion.
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  9. I've only been on PJ for a couple of years, but I've noticed a bit of dissonance between PCD's rep on here and how successful they were. They really were massive for most of their run, maybe not quite so much in the states but certainly in the UK and Europe.

    However, you do raise a fair point. It has been a long while since they hung up the fishnets and garter belts, and they sort of fizzled out as opposed to going out on a high.
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  10. K94


    Is Nicole doing this? Like is there any bridge for water to be under?
  11. I'd live for a Steps style reunion documentary. I don't even know who I'd want them to work with producer wise nowadays, Darkchild and Timbaland again I guess.
  12. I was just telling my boyfriend the Pussycat Dolls were reuniting, and he thought I meant Pussy Riot at first ddd

    I hope at least some people are still here for them.
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  13. If its even true (this rumor pops up once every year or so) then I feel like it'll just be a tour, no new music. How will it even work? The problem was always that Nicole was the group. So will they split up different parts of the songs now between them? Or will they still just be her back up dancers?
  14. Well in their first album the other ones did sing some parts, hopefully it'll be like that if they release new music. Melody must be dying for some more time in the spotlight.
  15. Tinashe's time has come.
  16. Makes sense. Nicole has Xfactor, one of the largest platforms for music, about to start the live shows.
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  17. Can't wait for a repeat of this

    Then, kids... out of nowhere, Melody breaks free from the broom closet, grabs her Fisher Price karaoke mic, puts it to the "X-tina Aguilera" setting, runs out on stage and proceeds to ruin the entire performance!
  18. Hush Hush; Hush Hush
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  19. Pussycat Dolls reunion is like an old legend.

    Danity Kane's reunion is more possible and real thing than that.
  20. PCD will always remember me of The Lounge/vSide days sdfjius gosh what a throwback. (Random but I wish the real PCD Lounge on the Strip had survived longer, always wanted to go there for some reason fff) Still listen to their debut from time to time, jams galore.
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