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The Pussycat Dolls - "React" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. There were rumours of this last year so who knows.
  2. RMK


    A lot of this will be about if Nicole truly wasn't aware of these terms. Considering tour plans were created the fall before React was released and the performances that promoted the tour and single, it seems hard to believe.
  3. Whilst I agree this tour couldn’t happen without Nicole, I also think it couldn’t happen without the other girls. As much as Nicole is the lead singer, she never really took off as solo star and the public (especially in the UK, where most of the tour dates are/were) now know Ashley and Kimberley really well. A line up of Nicole + 4 random girls wouldn’t have sold at all. The public make a joke of “Nicole and back up dancers” but in reality they know Ashley and Kimberley. And pop music fans know Jessica and Carmit.

    And they weren’t just “back up dancers” they are some of the best dancers in the music industry and what they have done as performers away from PCD is so impressive, Carmit and Kimberley especially. They’ve worked with the best in the business and Kimberley has made a fortune out of being a dancer between tv work, endorsements, product lines, teaching, etc
  4. This is why I think the Vegas argument makes sense. Nicole surely can't expect anyone to believe that she didn't agree to perform/wasn't aware of the terms for the original tour before Robin secured the funds. But if she's referring to a subsequent residency, suddenly her claims seem a lot more plausible.
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  5. All this drama makes me think about Melody's view of her experience in the group.

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  6. I forgot about that. Kinda wanna change my username to YourLeadSinger.
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  7. Oh my god! Never knew this exists! Is there a way to watch the full thing somewhere?
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  8. I don't think so, but I would love to. Hehehe. I'm sure Melody spills all the details and reveals why she wasn't part of the reunion.
  9. Isn't this "documentary" like 10 years old?
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  10. I don’t think it was ever fully released! They took the format and created another show with some of the same cast this year but Melody wasnt part of that!
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  11. Yep, they didn't include Melody plus Farrah from Destiny's Child and D. Woods from Danity Kane. But the show has been amazing and the girlgroup too.

    Anyway, I would love if Melody went back to the Pussycat Dolls and replaced Nicole. She can hit the high notes!
  12. I think a lineup with Melody as lead vocalist would book a lot of festivals but not sell out an arena tour the way the Unfinished Business tour was
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  13. Well... A tour featuring Nicole isn't happening, so that getting Melody could be their best option.
  14. Rebranding PCD with Melody as lead would’ve been viable and a very interesting arc… if the girls were 10 years younger. If they do that, they will need new smashes. It would still be interesting to see now, but realistically, I don’t see it selling. Their fanbase isn’t big and loyal enough for it to get splintered and still have enough people who’d want to see their biggest hits performed without the frontman. Robin would be better off paying that debt by debuting a new girl group.
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  15. MOU's are not technically legally binding, but they sure do show intent, which is what often matters in law, so people having stan goggles on and cheerfully clapping on Nicole to ditch the gig is um.. ddddd.
  16. Was it mentioned that she just signed an MOU, not an actual contract?

    I guess it depends on what really happened and the emotions that documents couldn’t capture. But, it’s one thing to be a hard baller during negotiations and another to change your mind about the terms when so much resources have been spent already. I get her wanting to get the best for herself, but the latter is just being difficult.
  17. If they can recreate this in tour form every night, then I am fully onboard with the legal issues currently going on.

    Nicole can sing 49% of the vocals rather than her request for 75%.
  18. Ooh the plot thickens.

    The suggestion of the tour happening with Melody replacing Nicole just doesn’t work for me, yikes at this whole situation.
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  19. kal


    I keep writing things, then deleting them, because none of this feels right, and I'm having a hard time empathising with Nicole.

    Neither her or Robin will come out of this looking any better. They've decided that mutually assured destruction is par for the course, and the people that will be impacted the most, ironically, have no say on the matter - the fans, and the other girls.

    On one hand, PCD without Nicole is like Sugababes without Mutya or Keisha. It might work for a short period, but Nicole is essential to the group. (And don't @ me with "About You Now" being the biggest Sugababes hit, because in hindsight, that was just a fluke when you look at the downward trend that followed it. Their label just bought them an easy hit)

    On the other hand, Nicole is overplaying her leverage, and ends up giving Robin ammo to present her in a negative light.

    Melody must be cackling that she avoided this train wreck.
  20. Not people poopooing on the idea of the Other Dolls sharing vocals and then thinking Melody as lead singer would sell more!

    Melody isn’t even that well liked as a singer in her own right, most of the people on social media just loved her for speaking out against Nicole.
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