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The Pussycat Dolls - "React" + General Reunion Chat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    don't know a lovelier face.
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  2. I supposed there's been no news on the rescheduled tour dates?
  3. I believe every date is cancelled except for Dublin. Which I don’t understand.

    Announcing new dates when there’s more certainty is probably for the best.
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  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Nicole announces she's pregnant in the near future. She's spoken openly about wanting kids asap and how difficult it is/was timing-wise with the tour. Seems like a perfect window really, especially now Jessica is having a baby too. But selfishly I really hope we get those rescheduled dates!
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  5. W2K


    I too want to have Thom Evans’ babies so good on her if she is pregnant.
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  6. Imagine how beautiful they'll be!
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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  8. React came on at the gym today and honestly...10/10. Might be the best 'comeback' song I can think of for a group, period. Quintessentially them but updated for 2020.
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  9. We will definitely get the tour dates, I really feel that if they decided to cancel they would have done so with the last announcement.

    I would like them sooner rather than later though as I keep stressing about event clashes!
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  10. It's certainly up there but I think Girls Aloud, Steps & Take That would be top 3 for me with 'Something New', 'Scared Of The Dark' and 'Patience'
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  11. It is a shame how things panned out through no fault of their own considering how well things were going for them during React era. Lots of great promo slots, tour was selling really well, React was a banger, and it got top 30, certified Silver and hung around for 12 weeks.

    I hope they are able to replicate it with more new music for when the tour is ready to go, which will probably be next year. Here’s hoping their team have some things up their sleeves.
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  12. I'm a little bit worried the new dates haven't been announced yet...
  13. They might be waiting until they’re out promoting new music to announce the rescheduled dates, kind of relaunch the tour and sell extra tickets.
  14. Plus it costs a lot of money to reschedule and book new dates, and this is the third time the tour has been postponed. It’s smart to wait until they can 100% go ahead
  15. It'll cost more to... cancel?
  16. No, I meant it’ll cost more to announce new dates then to postpone them again.
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  17. But does it really, though? Genuine question. I mean, every artist with dates booked is in the same position, and I assume the insurance covers unavoidable postponements so is it really that much of a loss? Cancelling will inevitably cost more as the venue will hold their deposit and will no doubt charge cancellation fees. Events insurance won't pay out for cancellations.
  18. I think once you consider the fees to amend the advertising for the new dates, just to then have them changed again and amend all promotion, thats where the costs rack up.
    To just wait a few months and be sure the dates will happen and only pay to advertise/promote once more is where the costs can be saved
  19. There is no point rescheduling hastily now just to reschedule again, we have less than two months now until June 22nd and if restrictions lift as currently predicted and events start going ahead they know they can announce the new dates with confidence, the last think they need is yet another rescheduling.
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  20. Carmit confirms in the latest edition of Glamour that the Dolls are working on a Vegas residency. They’d be perfect for it plus it would be awesome for them to get their own headlining show in the US, something they never got the first time round.
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