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The Pussycat Dolls - "React" + General Reunion Chat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. If Whatever U Like and Right There couldn't smash in the US, she was doomed. Those were tailor made for US audiences/radio.
  2. Yeah, I felt like there was no hope after those initial attempts. The public & radio just weren’t all that interested. Bops as they may be, I think them sounding like every other pop song at the time (that could have also easily passed as PCD tracks) failed to give people a reason to be invested.
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  3. Whatever U Like is awful. Not a single one of the Her Name Is Nicole releases were particularly good.
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  4. I love Whatever U Like, it goes off whenever I include it on party playlists. But my friends and I knowing it probably has more to do with us being semi-invested in PCD leading up to it's release.

    I really love the single mix of Baby Love (that was included on some editions of Doll Domination) but I don't hear a surefire hit like I did with Whatever U Like at the time. Supervillain and the flower song were truly disturbed single choices.
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  5. I'd disagree that Beyonce was "integrated" in Destiny's Child when it was mostly a glorified Matthew Knowles social experiment for her to eventually make it solo. It took years for her to wipe off a similar image that Nicole had with PCD.

    I think it was just luck and a bit of age. She was nearing 30 when she tried to break out solo, which is a harder age to build a fanbase. But, Whatever U Like could've definitely smashed in 2007.
  6. RMK


    They could've tried the dance tracks rather than the Rihanna approach.
  7. Whatever U Like remains iconic and a banger. It just wasn't to be. Would have smashed as a PCD track for sure though.

    Also with some acts like Justin, Gwen, Bey people go 'oh I'd love to see her solo!' and with some like Nicole, Nick Carter or the Texas lady people were just fine with them being part of their bands. Imagine if all that effort and good songs went to a second PCD album.
  8. kal


    Let’s not pretend the majority of Doll Domination wasn’t Nicole’s scrapped solo album.
  9. Yes but I mean if they had not wasted time and followed PCD immediately and not when they did, not talking about the actual material.
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  10. Yeah them going on hiatus after gathering such momentum with the debut was criminal and it showed with the commercial performance of the second album. I understand Nicole felt like time was ticking on her solo career but they could have been so much more as a band if they just kept going.
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  11. Nicole's self-obsessed, always front and center image from the PCD era didn't help but I believe that at the end of the day it's about the music. And Nicole's solo offers just weren't good enough - Whatever U Like was a bop but it wasnt radio friendly at all and the less said about the others the better. Conversely if she had come out with When I Grow Up as a solo artist in 2008 I believe it would have smashed anyway.
  12. Whatever U Like would have made an amazing Pussycat Dolls song. It was a great evolution from the sound of the debut, a little sexier, a little darker, a little edgier. I can only imagine the iconic choreography they would have served with those beats.
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  13. I don’t really know how it went in the US, Right There was maybe top 40?

    But I’m glad that here in the UK, Killer Love was a hit. It went platinum, had three top 3 singles including a #1, had a tour (which was fun) and even a deluxe edition later in the year.
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  14. I think that was also part of the problem. “Whatever U Like” didn’t sound different enough from The Pussycat Dolls that many commentators were just like “this might as well have been a Pussycat Dolls song”. When most acts breakout they are least try to do something different. Beyoncé is the only recent outlier as her music was in the same vein as Destiny’s Child, but by that point she herself was becoming known that outside of the group.

    @Vasilios hit the nail on the head though, and Nicole knows this herself, the public didn’t want Nicole Scherzinger, they were more than fine with the packaged deal of The Pussycat Dolls.
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  15. They really should have released a new album in 2007 with more involvement from the other dolls. Carmit wouldn’t have left and the momentum would’ve continued.

    Also, Welcome to the Dollhouse from Danity Kane is the second album that PCD should’ve made.
  16. Odd that they'd think Killer Love was not "urban" enough / too Gaga as I feel it is much closer to the PCD hits than some of the stuff from Her Name Is Nicole for example (Baby Love, Whatever U Like etc).

    In the end Right There was not even such a departure from the rest of the Killer Love singles that they chose it over. It deserved to smash though! I wonder what expectations the label had from her... Not pushing a song that made the top 40 sounds like a shitty move.

    I cannot think of a time in that decade where promotion of an album in the US started later and it wasn't pointless though... I don't think the regional approach (as far as single releases) made much sense at that point. Poison - Right There - Don't Hold Your Breath as a universal singles run would have been fine.
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  17. RMK


    React being as good as it was honestly felt like a fever dream. No wonder the whole thing collapsed.
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  18. I'm still pressed that Steam never got an official release and a chance to flop like Nicole's other 2007 singles. What a bop.
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  19. I will say, if Nicole was involved in picking the singles in the beginning, she's got a great ear. There isn't a dud to be found among her or the Dolls' singles, they are all bops. She's right to ask for creative control.

    I wish they got to make another album.
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  20. Since when has this become the Nicole Scherzinger topic in this forum?
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