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The Pussycat Dolls - React / UK Tour 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. I don't think there's anything concrete about this per say.

    We know Nicole wanted to (and well, did) go solo right after PCD (the album), so I guess people assumed she would have officially left the group if her solo career had caught on. 'Doll Domination' is basically the solo album that was meant to be released by Nicole, but reworked to fit the Pussycat Dolls a little bit better.

    Add to this the fact that Robin Antin was always pretty open about the 'Pussycat Dolls' being a brand, more so than a group per say, I think she might have envisioned an affair where the line-up is constantly rotating/shifting/changing, but the name remains the same - because "everyone can be a Pussycat Dolls/we all have one inside of us". Afterall, that how the burlesque troupe was originally (it had lots of different front runner/lead performer). And obviously, as demonstrated by the few posts earlier, there was a time when she did try to replace the four dolls with new girls and sell it as The Pussycat Dolls nonetheless.
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  2. The way The Pussycat Dolls were able to condense a decade’s worth of Sugababes drama into a few was too difficult to keep up.
  3. Nicole made it a condition on her signing onto the Dolls that she'd get a solo contract too. She spent all of the initial era attempting to build her profile and then was already recording solo music in 2006/2007 in the lead up to Her Name Is Nicole. When that didn't pan out she relocated a bunch of her tracks to the second album.
  4. US Weekly is reporting they are releasing an EP in January.
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  5. Exciting.

    Hope 'React' is still coming relatively soon, though.

    They can do a simple choreography video for it, have it out to get people talking about them, and also showing what they can do on a stage (since, at the end of the day, they will be trying to sell tour dates) - and then they can come back with a proper "second" single in January along with the EP.
  6. When I Grow Up was always great for what it was: a perfect introduction to their second album campaign, but ultimately nothing to appreciate past its gimmicky gloss. And that's okay, P!nk built her career on lead singles like that, they work for a reason and they are perfectly deserving of their success. But just like in those cases, I cannot think of a song on its parent album that is not giving me infinitely more to enjoy and appreciate than When I Grow Up. Maybe Out of This Club, Who's Gonna Love You?, and the original Hush Hush do less, and the solo tracks for sure? Everything else on the main album, the re-releases etc is definitely better. At the same time When I Grow Up will still be the song that I'll expect to see as a highlight performance in their shows.
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  7. I need Wet and Say Yes reworked as PCD songs for the tour.
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  8. And Right There. So good.
  9. Wet would be INSANE with the whole group performing it.
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  10. I’ll put it in a spoiler for those that don’t like this sort of thing, but something like this would be my ideal set list:

    Show Me What You Got
    I Don’t Need A Man
    Whatcha Think About That?
    Tainted Love
    Takin’ Over The World
    Wait A Minute
    Hot Stuff
    Hush Hush
    I Hate This Part
    Medley: Poison / Killer Love / Wet
    Right There
    When I Grow Up
    Don’t Cha

    Something along those lines.
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  11. The producers of Who's Gonna Love You not bothering to delete the "y'all ain't ready, it's Nicole" ad-lib at the start is the biggest kii out of that. Make it obvious why don't cha.
  12. Yas to no Jai Ho.
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  13. I mean, it was.
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  14. Lol! I swear In the beginning i did not even thought about “groupies”... to date I still like to sing “boobies” tho
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  15. Until yesterday, I thought the lyric was "be on tv, people on me, be on magazines", like having an entourage, people taking care of her.
  16. The fact that this was genuinely one of my favorite performances from the first tour.

  17. Remember when they had the USBs of the concert for sale on the merch stand after every Doll Domination show?

    By the time they reached my date they'd given up.
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  18. I actually was thinking about this today and I actually think Nicole deserves the benefit of the doubt for when they added 'feat. Nicole Scherzinger' to the single covers. I wonder if it was more an attempt to separate Nicole from the brand, and to allow for the possibility for girls to cycle in and out as needed. The perception was obviously that she was an egomaniac, which I don't think was really fair.
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  19. How is one different from the other? Nicole was there, aware of it, and she definitely had a say on the matter.
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  20. Interactive seating maps are now up for all dates bar Dublin. The tour is selling exceptionally well with London, Manchester and Birmingham on their way to being full sell outs. Leeds, Glasgow & Newcastle have some way to go but I have no doubt they will get there as well into 2020.

    It would be great to see the full Hydro sold out for them rather than just the two levels!
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