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The Pussycat Dolls - React / UK Tour 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Not me

    but it is giving me all the life I needed for today.
  2. Ugh, React still sounds so hot. I want it.
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  3. That little snippet we got is still stuck in my head!
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  4. 2005 fashion was something else.

  5. I think what I loved most about their recent X Factor performance (apart from the obvious amazingness) was that they actually looked like they were in the same group together.

    Stickwitu is so good, though.
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  6. I love their Doll Domination opening look for that reason too.

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  7. Yeah the only way I'd be happy with them doing Nicole's solo hits is if they all sang on them. I'm not here for The Nicole Show but it would be kinda cool to see what they could do with bops like Right There and Wet.
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  8. I mean...
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  9. Thing is, though, their past two tours weren’t simply ‘the Nicole show’. Carmit and Melody had a solo song on the PCD tour, and all the dolls got a solo song on the DD tour. They were also both constructed so that each Doll got at least a little time to shine as individuals, like in Show Me What You Got.
    I hope the new tour follows suit!
  10. This. I mean, obviously Nicole is always going to be the main focus, but I still believe that the others wouldn't have agreed to this reunion if they were going to be sidelined completely. If they managed to share the spotlight even a tiny bit on previous tours, there's every reason why they can and should do so even more this time round.
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  11. Yeah, if you're a casual fan or don't really follow PCD it's easy to assume it's 100% Nicole, but if you look at their shows, albums, history, even tho it was way too Nicole dominated, there were still moments for the girls to shine. It wasn't all doom and gloom.
  12. I never understood why Girlicious wasn't pushed in the UK. They had some serious bops that could've been successful there.

  13. I remember when this was new and not really paying attention the lyrics and I legit thought I heard "I want your vadge" instead of "I want you back" the first time I heard it. Still to this day all these years later I can't unhear it.
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  14. Now that you mention it, I hear that too.

    Also hear “You’re looking at me like I’ve got some penis for you”, opening line on I Don’t Need A Man.
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  15. Howl. That’s all I’m going to hear from now on.
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  16. Nicole had some pretty terrible enunciation at times.
  17. K94


    So the Australasian girls get Saintmantha Messiaumba as a support dont know why she's being so coy about it being them.

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  18. When I tell you I yelled at the closeup with him throwing the glass of water on himself.
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  19. Support? It's a joint show with multiple acts, not the PCD tour with support tbh.
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