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The Pussycat Dolls - React / UK Tour 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. The cover looks like something a fan created in Paintshop in 2006. Reserving judgement on the track until the final version is out but the demo definitely doesn’t sound as big as it did on X Factor.
  2. Ugh it sounds so good.

    Looking forward to how the final edit will feature the others (if at all). Good vibe so far pop music 2020 is saved! Etc etc etc etc just wanting you to react.

    I also forgot how great Nicole sounds on a pop track.
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  3. So it’ll sit just fine alongside their other single covers
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  4. The 'I say jump, you just say how high' until the breathy bit gotta be Carmit's verse.
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  5. Oh my god, for the last two pages I thought the cover art is some cheeky fun @saturdays20 made. I mean no offense...but yikes.
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  6. 33D71779-3C25-4845-A3B2-B5E2AF4CB2DE.jpeg
  7. They’re releasing it under “Access Records“, which belongs to their Management Company “First Access“.
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  8. I actually like the cover? Only thing I wish it had would be the PCD heart logo
  9. Interesting, so no longer with Interscope. Curious to find out how this influences their budget, the production value on the X-Factor performance was nice but we'll have to wait for a music video to really get a feel.
  10. Yeah the cover reminded me of Miss E... So Addictive at first sight so I can't really help but dig it.
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  11. The panting vocals

  12. I quite like the cover. Carmit head should’ve been zoomed in.

    I was suprised that we even get new music. I always assumed that they would only tour the old stuff, this feels like an added bonus.
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  13. slayed by the snippets but i don't want this to leak more
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  14. I feel like they never really had a huge budget to begin with, or maybe they just wanted to keep the videos focused on performance, but aside from “When I Grow Up” and “Hush Hush” none of what they put out there seemed like there was much behind it.
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  15. The cover art is fine, my only issue is the abbreviated PCD and it not being a full-group shot. I think the warped effect suits current trends even if it feels a bit uninspired by now.
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  16. I agree. I think hiring the right director to do something memorable/polished with a modest budget makes all the difference, Buttons is probably the best example of that.
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  17. It's one of their only even remotely decent covers in terms of design. I'll take it!

    The song itself sounds like a banger from the snippets too - I missed the live performance because I didn't want to give myself demoitis. Can't wait.
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  18. I know, I could have just been this E88FBDDA-EF7B-4D6A-9890-EDE60DD5BF9D.jpeg
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  19. Uh oh. That’s the artwork I made. Am I behind the leak?
  20. Do we think they've filmed a video yet? We know they had studio time but did it across two continents, is there any foreseeable gap in Nicole's insane schedule to shoot something?
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