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The Pussycat Dolls - React / UK Tour 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Likely, but then it's not like it's rare or hard for multiple group shots to be combined for a cover..
    Nicole must have really hated her angles
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  2. Yeah, this is IT. As someone said, it's the perfect update of the PCD sound for the new decade. Playful, sexy and catchy as fuck. I must have played it ten times in a row.
  3. Or maybe the girls can make their own cover versions of the song and then we’ll have a Nicole Scherzinger Watches Fan Covers on Youtube to enjoy?
  4. I actually think it was done after all that

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  5. The potential that this demo has. Amazing! Can’t wait for the release, which is hopefully VERY soon. And also as pointed out before Nicole just sounds perfect on a good pop song.
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  6. 6E934ECD-95FB-4D45-BEDF-609554924C65.jpeg

    Thought I posted this before. Full list of songwriters
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  7. I need this photoshoot to come out
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  8. The production definitely needs beefing up but I don’t hold my breath. They will only add some annoying drum and we’ll collectivelly end up with demoitis.
  9. I'm calling it now the song was originally for Call Me Loop (she's got a co-write credit, it's the first song she's got a credit on that isn't her own and it fits in easily with her last EP) but then she either decided not to use it or the cheque was just too damn good.
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  10. It’s a nice pop song. It, lyrically, has a hint of Buttons to it in it’s sexual impatience but it’s definitely a more mature sound and take on it.

    Hoping for some stronger beats to be added in because React definitely has potential to be a banger.

    Hoping the others will get more than just those few words ad-libbed on the end... id like it if they were fair and had them share lines with Nic and harmonise to an actual audible level. Bop.
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  11. The song sounds amazing and I think the final version will sound more or less the same. Hearing this song makes me wish they would have just stayed together the whole time. Just imagine the songs we would have gotten during the last decade.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Perched for the final version.
  13. Iz a bop. Also Killer Love needs to be on US streaming services so people hearing React might stumble upon her 2011 mostly great but too many mid tempos masterpiece.
  14. Also please don’t hate me, but I’m fine with only Nicole singing the verses, as I can’t imagine any of the other girls sounding better than her doing it... add them to the chorus for more oomph and harmonies and that’s enough!
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  15. I would be down for PCD covering most of Call Me Loop bops dd.
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  16. kal


    I would scream if the other girls just do the “ooh oohs” in the post-chorus.

    Nicole, ha trickery.
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  17. The Youtube link is gone dd.
  18. Fuck the link has been taken down! Oh well snippets sounded boppy as fuck
  19. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Someone please do a video of Alyssa Edwards tongue popping at the drop beat.
  20. Demo is a bop but the lack of harmonies is throwing me for a loop ddd.
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