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The Pussycat Dolls - React

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. I'm finding the confusion over the silence baffling. It's obviously a tension building thing. In fact it better be a 'hair flip' signal to be honest.
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  2. I totally avoided the demo (the willpower that took) and just had my first couple of listens - what a serve! Pumped for the video... between this and the coronation of Queen Lipa, 2020 is giving us pop gays everything we needed.
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  3. It’s just something that would work much better as a visual cue than an audio one. Once the video makes sense of it (praying for said hair toss), I’ll get on board with it.
  4. What is with the erasure of Carmit in the video? I know it’s only a 30 second preview but Nicole has her set-up as do the other 3 girls and Carmit is only seen far left or right in the group shops. I love Carmit and she deserves better.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The booty lean-up was definitely repurposed from the X-Factor performance
  6. Personally, I don’t find them confusing - I understand their purpose. I just think the execution could be a bit crisper, particularly when the rest of the song has generally impeccable production throughout (some of the flourishes are gorgeous).

    However, this... gets better with every listen. Nicole’s vocal is perfect, and the amendments/additions from the demo lift it considerably.

    Yes, yes, yes.
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  7. RMK


    Pre-orders don't factor into the live charts. It's separate.
  8. This is much better than most people will expect a Pussycat Dolls single in 2020 to be. It's quite catchy and has a strong chorus. But I feel like it stays a bit too stagnant – it never really builds to anything spectacular. I wish the end popped off a bit more. Still, it's a nice little piece of nostalgic pop. I'm excited to see the video.
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  9. Oh, this is fresh.
  10. It's the perfect comeback single. BOP.
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  11. RMK


    She's just stunning.

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  12. This song is absolutely obscene. So happy to have it on Spotify finally. The way it manages to sound absolutely current and not even the slightest bit dated and yet it sits so comfortably amongst their Greatest Hits which came out over a decade ago..... whew, the talent.

    I think it may actually be a testament to how fresh (most of) their old stuff still sounds.
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  13. This is so good! The simple production touches that have been added since the demo really elevates the song and makes it a full blown hit. What I also really like about the song is that it automatically creates visuals in your head. I bet the video is going to have us all losing our breaths later today.
  14. Sorry to keep going with this vocals topic but... Carmit just reposted an IG story of a fan saying that her singing is so nice and they should allow the other dolls to sing. She put a heart over that last part, but gurl... if you repost something like that you know what you're getting yourself into, we can just check it with a click hunni.
  15. I held off on the demo so this is a treat.
    I love it... But I do feel like it's missing that additional production layer on the last chorus.

    It desparately needs a remix and it needs that pause taken out before the chorus .

    That aside, I'll use it but I am tiiiiny bit disappointed as I thought it would be EPIC bit it's just missing that little bit of impact.
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  16. First listen and phew, with Dua last week and React this week, the girls aren’t letting me breathe... so good.
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  17. I mean, it’s not even there’s a silence there, it genuinely sounds like it’s a glitch in the track. There’s no build up to it and the drop carries on straight afterward. Just imagine it comes on in the club and for a second there’s no music at all. It’s just a bizarre choice.
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  18. Yeah, I mentioned it a couple of days ago, it's like taking a breath before jumping in the deep. I find it exhilarating.

    Loving the new backing vocals and the slight production upgrades but I agree it could do with a bigger buildup towards the end, it feels a bit flat.
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  19. I love it except for the bits where it sounds like a stan poorly stitched leaked snippets together
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