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The Pussycat Dolls - React

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. They also served thumbnail perfection. This frame is so good.

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  2. I think the silence works really well, especially for the hair flip bit.
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  3. Oh makes me sad they're so low in the mix. No shade Nicole's a phenomenal vocalist. But this just sounds more dynamic, alive, nicer to the ear with the other girls layers.
  4. Thank god for Spotify Premium because I just can’t stop playing this, especially since the video premiered. I just know that this is going to be Number 1 already on my Your 2020 Wrapped at the end of the year and it’s very rightly so! To think they ended their nearly 5 year music career with a whimper when Hush Hush underperformed and to come back ten years later with this is I feel quite a remarkable achievement!
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  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It's interesting to look at the first 25 pages of this thread then and look now; especially since I been riding for these women for years despite so many people who kept underestimating them, but yet are now the "I've been wishing them to come back!" type in 2020 and the fakeness is... palpable. This forum universally treats PCD as a joke, especially after DD but now that they're "fucking it up" and "doing pop proud"...we'
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  6. It really is that easy. Like, it didn't even need Nicole's lead vox replaced where they overlap with the girls. Just the mere variety of multiple voices that are similarly prominent adds volumes to the excitement the track, any track, by anyone, evokes. It has nothing to do with who is happy with the current situation and who's not, who's taking advantage of whom and who's not. It's mere entertainment value.
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  7. I love that the other dolls are getting a lot of screen time in the video. It’s very much a ‘PCD era’ video and less ‘end of Doll Domination era’ video.

    Still can’t believe that I’ll see them in two months!
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  8. Personally I don’t mind the current mix since I don’t have any difficulty hearing the other members, but I know some who did. The above ~experiment really makes it apparent that they’re all there with Nicole, because there were comments saying it was all her, etc. Anyway, I really enjoy the contrast they have against Nicole’s vocals. I guess in terms of beefing the track up they could be mixed a bit louder, but I think if it were too up front that it might sound cluttered.
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  9. Okay. If this is not a serious a serious contender for Top 5 this week I will be furious. I’ve been streaming it to death since yesterday morning.
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  10. They have a good chance of a top 40 debut because it seems to be holding up quite nicely but top 5 is...not realistic I'm afraid.
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  11. I just had a read through these, and those derogatory comments make the slayage we’re currently witnessing all the sweeter.
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  12. I'm really wishing they could have had a water drop like the x factor performance for the last chorus of the video. That was an iconic moment they should have worked it into the video somewhere
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  13. XXX


    The way Nicole turns her head and looks into the camera when's she's on the chair during the ''you're turning me cruel 'cause I'm just wanting you to react'' before the last drop is almost making me straight. Charismatic queen.
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  14. 886k first day on Spotify. Pretty good when you consider they were missing from a lot of New Music Friday playlists and the one's they were included on had them down quite low, plus no major label backing.
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  15. They debuted at #75 on UK Spotify which is decent and should see them safely into the top 40 I'd say.
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  16. I think they're at a similar spot on Apple Music, should they stay relatively stable I think they should make it. I anticipated it might perform similar to Scared of the Dark but it could fair slightly better.
  17. The backing vocals are basically easter eggs for longtime fans and I think it's a good compromise for a (relatively) high-stakes comeback single. And every one of them shines in the music video so.

    Also React x Comme Des Garçons back to back... brb gone ascendin'
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  18. I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the video. It had all the ingredients to make a great video, but I feel like there were too many cuts during the group choreography scenes and too many solo beauty close-ups.
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  19. The video fucked me UP, it’s phenomenal! Would have NEVER expected them to come back with a damn Bradley & Pablo-directed clip, I was immediately suspicious, like “Wait, why is this so gorgeous and next level?”

    Anyways, 10/10, hot and aesthetic as hell and song is a mega-bop that I’ll be working out too all year. I hope they have more goodies to drop this year.
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  20. The song is incredible but unfortunately the video isn't. There's not much replay value.
    And why was Carmit not included in the shots with the other dancers
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