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The Pussycat Dolls - React

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Yeah, it was definitely an issue with the lights that caused Nicole to not start the performance.

    On another note, their styling this campaign is so damn perfect, I love the way they've been dressing and coordinating with each other
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  2. A false start, but they pulled it back.
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    I hate how awkward I get when things go wrong like that, but it is live and sometimes things can't be helped. They still delivered and the chair part is still such a moment.
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  4. Even on a "off" day Nicole is still one heck of a performer! She must be understandably very exhausted. As mentioned before she literally flew back and forth between the UK and US within 48 hours... also the mistake was obviously not the girls missing their cue, but the technicians messing something up. I actually love how they keep standing there waiting for them to notice it and start over again.
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  5. The choreography for this song is so slow and weird. Something just isn’t right, the tempo of the song needs to be upped. I do continue to stan The X Factor performance.
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  6. I liked it all and thought everything was fine, and also that they were right not to go on after that wrong start of the song (where the lighting effects didn't kick off and they probably counted on them to start properly and for the performance to look the way it was supposed to?).
  7. The chuckle I let out

  8. I am SCREAMING.

    The odd thing about this reunion era is that I’m questioning why it’s The Nicole Show, whereas before it’s something that’s never put me up or down. When I see them perform, I’m actually more drawn to the other Dolls’ stage presence and dancing over Nicole (which is not to say Nicole isn’t amazing too). There’s nothing tangible that makes me think ‘AH! That’s why she’s the lead’. I’m sure she’s the strongest vocally but I could not tell you how the other girls sound.
  9. We surely can’t be 272 pages into this thread and you don’t know it’s because Nicole was brought in as the singer?
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  10. It was the sound. In the crowd there was absolutely zero sound. So what you heard on TV wasn’t audible for them or us.

    They had such a cute moment before where they huddled around each other and did a prayer in a circle holding hands. They all seem so grateful to be doing what they’re doing, it was such a joy to watch.
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  11. Jessica was absolutely stunning. Also, it's understandable that Nicole was super tired, but the vocales are pretty meh this time around. It's making me miss Melody and her crazy screams.
  12. RMK


    I'm sure the false start also stunted her a little bit.
  13. I’ve always been invested in each member since the beginning, however with this era I’m always focusing predominately on Ashley and Kimberly.

    The UK have really taken them two under their wing, so unlike on the past tours, I can definitely see them getting very loud cheers!

    Also Nicole is a trooper for even doing the performance as I’m sure many of you can relate to how awful jet lag is.
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  14. I cackled at that opening. Performance art.
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  15. Even jet lagged and exhausted, Nicole has more energy and spark than I do on my best days.
  16. It must have been sound issues as Nicole fiddled with her ear piece repeatedly and at one point subtly pointed towards her microphone.

    Still a solid performance though.
  17. Even on a shitty day Nicole is better than most. I dig the choreography, so surprised at how much I'm into this little comeback.

    They should start incorporating the other girls' voices live, if only because the background vocals in 'React' sound great and really amp up the song. It'd sound good live and be easy.
  18. I didn’t notice much off about Nicole’s vocals or energy.
  19. Carmit posted footage of their rehearsals on her story and the difference is pretty big.
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