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The Pussycat Dolls - React

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. not loving the Dublin date being on a Monday, better than a cancellation though
  2. I'm getting Janet Jackson Unbreakable tour flashbacks
  3. I think it's a case of, if it was cancelled, you would be refunded automatically, whereas with a postponement, you just simply need to get in touch with whoever you bought it from saying you can't make the new date, and they'll refund.
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  4. Usually that is stated. They (and Drag Race today) are dodging it. Not cool.
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  5. This video of Kimberly about the reschedule was a few hours before the announcement today. As expected, she had no idea. No delusion here.
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  6. It’s a shame, but I’m okay with waiting til October.

    Work on some music at your home studio gals!
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  7. I had an email from Motorpoint Arena which stated that full refunds will be available if the rescheduled date is unsuitable.
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  8. Nothing for O2 yet!
  9. I expect the Australian festival tour to be cancelled or postponed soon.
  10. I guess they have the most to deal with at the moment, being the biggest/busiest venue? I'm certain they'll sort it.
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  11. Got my email today to say it was cancelled and that I’ll be automatically refunded.

    Understandable, really. But damn I was SO excited to see them!
    To our So Pop fans, It is with a heavy heart that Frontier Touring and Arena Touring announce that So Pop 2020 will no longer be taking place in Australia and New Zealand this April and May. Due to policies and measures put in place by the Australian and New Zealand Government regarding COVID-19 and the inability for large gathering events to proceed, we have had to make the heartbreaking conclusion that So Pop 2020 will not proceed as planned. Existing ticketholders are entitled to a refund and should note the below details.
  13. They have both lived in the UK for nearly the past decade. It's not unusual they would pick up an accent.
  14. It’s not like they’re doing a Stephanie Pratt.
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  15. Not heard anything about the Hydro regarding refunds yet. Ticketmaster isn't really being any help either.
  16. Kim is married to a British guy too, so she's hearing the accent day in and day out at home; her picking it up is just natural acquisition
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  17. If you give the venue a call I'm sure they could sort you out.
  18. The plus side of the reschedule is that I can now attend! 2 Standing tickets purchased for Glasgow! Now I just need Ticketmaster to update the date on their website...
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  19. At least the UK are getting rescheduled shows, so bummed that So Pop is cancelled.
    Plenty of time for them to socially distance and work on new music though.
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  20. LPT


    The Breakable Fee-back Tour never gave us rescheduled dates though ...
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