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The Pussycat Dolls - React

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. The response I got from Ticketmaster was since the show is still going ahead refunds will not be issued.
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    Surely if you can't make a date you are due a refund.
  3. That's what I thought, and said so in my request, but still got the same response.
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  4. Not sure if this is an option as I live abroad.
  5. The cuntery.
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  6. Do concert venues and ticketing companies make it deliberately difficult to get in touch with them? I've got a headache.
  7. Luckily, the hotel I booked for this is offering to rebook or refund any room, even though my room would've usually been non-refundable!
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  8. Yeah same, I didn't even bother contacting them but they emailed me to say I could have a refund - bonus!
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  9. That’s odd, is it allowed? I assumed also that they have to grant a refund if you can’t make the new date.
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  10. I've replied to them again, as it states in the T&C's you can get a refund, so waiting on them getting back to me again.
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  11. Just had the same reply as @Blue6010 from Ticketmaster: no refunds are available when the concert is still going ahead.

    Selling my ticket isn't an option either as I need to have a UK bank account or whatever. Lovely.
  12. Ticketmaster CS are not taking calls now, great!
  13. I emailed them back and they just sent me the same info they had already sent me in the first email. It's madness to be expected to attend a new date if it doesn't suit you. I appreciate the tour has been rescheduled but if you can't get the time off work to attend new date, why should you lose your money?
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  14. That's really odd (and disgraceful). If UK fans can get a refund why not fans abroad? If I was you I'd keep hassling them, there's no excuse for it.
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  15. If they're unresponsive just dispute the transaction with your credit card.
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  16. Not sure a charge from November can be disputed.
  17. If Amex, they are usually really accommodating and supportive of their customers. Or at least this has been my experience with them in the past.
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  18. The Cash Cash remix is so good of React
  19. Apologies if this has been made clear elsewhere, but I'm assuming that if you got tickets for the first London date, that'll translate to Oct 30th, and tickets for the second date will translate to Oct 31st?
  20. They haven't even communicated that but yes.
    In other news I'm talking with them about changing my tickets these past days and I just got a DHL notification that my tickets (for the date I can't attend 7 months from now) will be with me tomorrow. Muffy sis the unnecessary WASTE of energy, time, effort and everything else.
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