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The Pussycat Dolls - React

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Oh my god I am ready for new material.
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  2. A new album would be cute, but they are independent right? A new single a month before the tour is supposed to start would be best I think.
  3. React is absolutely still one of the best songs of the year... I'm fine with them taking their time considering it hasn't aged a single day since release.
  4. It's still such a pop-justice that this became a really decent hit in the UK.
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  5. RMK


    I feel like React could've done more in the US, too. At least with a few performances, but of course the moment they reunite a pandemic occurs.
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  6. Off topic but Melody has released a new MV called Goodbye To Happiness and she looks so pretty in it
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  7. GCZ


    I need new solo material from Jess. Her debut album is insanely good.
  8. Kimberley was on Insta Live yesterday & confirmed new music and videos are coming “very soon” and said they are working on new plans, which will “hopefully be put in place very soon”.
  9. Can't see it posted anywhere but apparently they've left their management company as well.
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  10. AB3BF0FD-31B8-4E42-9EBF-D3C5C15DFEBA.jpeg
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  12. I lost it at the leg lift.
  13. I'm glad they're coming out with more music. I got a refund for my tickets, i'd rather wait and see if it's still going ahead when things become a bit clearer.

    I'd like at this point if they did an EP before the tour, give us a few videos (even if they're just dance videos). Give us a few bops to get excited for the tour. Obviously i'd like an album but I dont know how viable that is. I'd even settle for an album with a handful of new songs and re-records, but I doubt that will ever happen (even if it was just the Melody songs re-done with the other girls taking her parts - although I'd wager more likely if any such versions were to happen, Nicole would just re-record them herself)
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  14. I've played React so many times... So many. My poor neighbours.
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  15. Is there something happening?
  16. It was happening before the concerts in Brazil were put on hold. I remember reading back in April that BRABO (the production team who works with Pabllo) remixed React. But now, even if PCD kept plans to come here next year, it's been too long since the single release, so unfortunately I don't think we're going to get it unless it leaks. BRABO's remix (without Pabllo's vocals) leaked this week though, so there's hope:
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  17. That Brabo remix has been out for quite a while, since the single release. (at least on
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  18. New interview with Kimberly. Not that much new information but it’s nice to hear more about her backstory. I love her dedication and passion for dance.

    About PCD: she tells the story of the burlesque days, Gwen Stefani, Interscope deal etc. She mentioned possible new music en videos. She hopes the tour is happening in May but it definitely won’t get cancelled, possibly (most likely) rescheduled if necessary.

    It’s clear that Nicole is working on music (as always) and that the other dolls are waiting to know whether it’s solely solo material or also for PCD.
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  19. I recently went back and watched the reunion performance + the performances for “React” and I just wanna say .. I truly hope these girls are done right this time around because ASHLEY ROBERTS is a STAR waiting to happen.
  20. Yes, Ashley really did shine during all the React promo.
    Mind you, they all did! I really hope we get something new soon.
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