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The Pussycat Dolls - React

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

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    I can't believe it was only this year they were at G-A-Y - seems so long ago, but we'll always have React which I do actually think is one of their best ever??
  2. This is... hopeful!

    but yes, if all we get is React, then I’m good with that. What a song.
  3. "React" remains amazing. I've heard there is definitely more music coming, but I imagine they'll be waiting until next year.
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  4. I know they’re all happy with it but it’s so strange that’s how they operate as a band - waiting to hear if Nicole is working on solo or PCD stuff.

    Regardless I cannot WAIT to see them in 2028.
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  5. I see no lies here

  6. Love this photo!

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  7. I really hope Brighton Pride will be on the cards for them again. I was so looking forward to seeing them this year.
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  8. I think PCD rescheduling is more likely than Mariah. I have hope things are looking up and we'll be able to see them soon.

    If not, they should look into doing a livestream event at one point. A regular show, PCD vs. another girlband or a cabaret-infused show (with references from the Vegas venue) with lots of nostalgic guests, etc. If conceptualized properly and done with a big livestream platform, I can see it be a success.
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  10. Definitely, was a weird take to not push it in the slightest in the US. like I get they wanted to focus on Europe but it could’ve really worked for them especially with the pandemic. It’s really just the gays that blew up their return in the US.
  11. Gorgeous photo but the mirror reflection of her leg makes her look like an octopus lady.
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  12. Carmit is a star!
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  13. Not sure if it's only limited to Canada but went to listen to PCD tonight and was surprised to see after all these years Bite the Dust is finally available on Spotify!!
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  14. Painted Windows is no longer available on Spotify....
  15. Their albums are now marked under 'Pussycat Dolls, LLC', I assume the brand owns the rights to their masters now? The bonus tracks have disappeared one by one in the process. Only Top of the World is available through a compilation.

    Can they put Out of This Club back up *runs*
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  16. I don’t know much about labels/imprints/trademarks etc. but I remember seeing ‘Pussycat Dolls, LLC’ on my physical copy of Doll Domination. Same with the first Girlicous album.
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  17. It never was for me.
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  18. Has "React" managed to be certified, at least in the UK? It still slaps just as hard and is probably, if not definitely, the best song to be released during 2020.
  19. It can't be far off, it hung around the top 100 for a while and the streams are surprisingly high. If not soon, early 2021 for sure.
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  20. Remix with Pabllo has leaked. Different production but her voice sounds great on the track.
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