The Pussycat Dolls

Upon revisiting Doll Domination the ideal singles run for me would have been-
When I Grow Up
I Hate This Part
Whatcha Think About That
Who’s Gunna Love You

Promotional YouTube video : Hush Hush, Hush Hush.
What about the other AMA's performance (I Hate This Part/When I Grow Up) and Melody's PVC jacket gets stuck on her arm when they get on the poles... her face is basically screaming help to Kimberley (?) who is too busy giving it full throttle legs and hair everywhere.

Also iconic, albeit less than her AMA's Buttons outburst.

Also let's not forget another Button performance when Melody came to the front of the stage doing her adlibs and Nicole started sneaking and elbowing her behind her.
Youtube suggested that Victoria's Secret video yesterday and it was genuinely hilarious. The way Melody stomps forward and starts screaming again, Nicole's wtf face and the way she tries to catch up. Melody must have felt really constricted in the group and it really came out in the most hilarious ways.
The only part of that Behind The Music documentary that bothered me was the Jai Ho segment:

Basically, Ron Fair is a dick.

I’ll always fucking hate that song with a passion. The only good part of it is the “catchmecatchme...” bits.

You just know someone higher up heard the criticism and was like “hmm... how do we give the other Dolls more vocals without taking parts away from Nicole? I got it, they can do the beeps!”
The replies under this tweet are a mess

Topher Pappas!? I def remember coming across her Grindr page. yikes.