The Pussycat Dolls

I think that this is a huge step for the dolls. All the previous albums had only Nicole,Carmit and Melody on the tracks, whereas React has them all on. I think the band has been slightly remodelled this time around to work more as a girl band where vocals are shared (not necessarily solos as not all may want that), compared to Doll Domination.

React sounds great and I can't wait for the video.
It's a PCD lead with a hangover. It could have benefited from a takes-mic-from-jahmene-douglas vocal bridge from Nicole (or Melody) to give the song a jolt of energy. I'll throw my buss regardless!
Regardless of how well it's executed the pauses take my mind right back to the water drop moment in the performance and I'm thankful for the 0.5 seconds they give me to process it again

Exactly. I so hope the water drop is incorporated into the video.

This entire thing has been a slice of 2008/2009 - firstly making me actually watch X-Factor to catch the live performance - making us wait months for the actual release - the leak - the debate over whether the final track would be any different - iconic.

And to top it all off the song is perfect comeback material - quintessential PCD.

Perched for the video!
The song is an absolute jam and perfectly repositions them in the 2020 pop landscape. They manage to feel integral and current rather than a nostalgia act which is an accomplishment on its own. I am lowkey dying that they booked recording time on both sides of the ocean only for the other girls to do some background "aaah"s tho.