The Pussycat Dolls

Might as well blame the pandemic as well since they would’ve soldiered on had the shutdown not had each reconsider their position.
Can anyone do a TLDR for what happened with the girls this time around and why it didn't work out? Is it Nicole's fault?

Due to COVID, the tour got pushed back multiple times. Nicole wanted to renegotiate the terms of agreement with Robin and a higher percentage of earnings. Robin wouldn't budge, which in turn resulted in a lawsuit.

Apart from that, behind the scenes it seemed like potential earnings from a tour were very unevenly split between the members, Robin made some shady business deals before and during the reunion, a couple of the members weren't happy with the fact that Nicole was still very much the lead/that vocals weren't more evenly split and that they were (again) treated as back up dancers by a new management team.

Lastly, it seemed like the members simply lost touch with eachother again because of the pushed back reunion tour. Every member returned to their own personal lives (in different countries), Jessica got pregnant and Nicole went into her own bubble and basically started ignoring the girls again.

So basically it was the pandemic, Robin's and Nicole's fault.
On certain days React (song and video) is their best song.

It’s just so disappointing how it all turned out. They were an amazing group onstage and we should’ve got an extensive tour and a performance at Glastonbury! Should’ve been such a home run for them, everything was lining up perfectly.

Ultimately it’s such a loss due to Covid, as if the pandemic hadn’t happened they wouldn’t have had any time to think about falling out again and the tour would’ve happened as planned ddd.

It could still happen if all this crap gets sorted out. But Nicole very much seems like it’s done now which is a shame. She’ll never fill arenas as a solo act and I thought she’d want one last go round.
Why do I still feel like some oomph is missing on React? I keep trying to put my finger on what it is, but haven't. More snares? Harder kicks?

React didn't really do much for me, it's... okay. I do wonder what else they recorded though (if they had actually gotten around to recording anything).

Also these are two of their best songs:

Justice for Painted Windows not being on Spotify anymore!

Justice for Painted Windows not being on Spotify anymore!

And justice for The City!


I've always loved this performance and it's how it should've always been. Nicole leading with Melody featuring, creating a nice partnership. This type of dynamic just makes for more interesting viewing.

The thing is, if Nicole put ego aside, she would've realised this set up would've benefitted her. She took on too much and her vocals suffered as a result. She gave some tragic vocals during the Doll Domination era.