The Pussycat Dolls


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The way I had to listen to their album on YouTube recently... can we get the Pop Music Activism to get this online?
I think they mentioned that after London-Sire Records folded that the rights to the record are all over the place, which has prevented it from coming to streaming. I'd recommend you just sync it to your phone at this from a used CD.
I’m tempted to unfollow her myself but I’m enjoying responding to all her anti-vax content with RELEASE NEW MUSIC
I honestly don't know what she plans to do now. She was booked and busy with her solo music only because the Gays™ had her perform at drag cons and Pride events. I don't see that happening now that she's palling around with anti-LGBT organizations to shill anti-vaxx nonsense. She also deleted het Twitter and has said that she's done with the J-Sutta persona.

She seems on the path to full Kaya Jones wacko territory.