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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Jessica was absolutely stunning. Also, it's understandable that Nicole was super tired, but the vocales are pretty meh this time around. It's making me miss Melody and her crazy screams.
  2. RMK


    I'm sure the false start also stunted her a little bit.
  3. I’ve always been invested in each member since the beginning, however with this era I’m always focusing predominately on Ashley and Kimberly.

    The UK have really taken them two under their wing, so unlike on the past tours, I can definitely see them getting very loud cheers!

    Also Nicole is a trooper for even doing the performance as I’m sure many of you can relate to how awful jet lag is.
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  4. I cackled at that opening. Performance art.
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  5. Even jet lagged and exhausted, Nicole has more energy and spark than I do on my best days.
  6. It must have been sound issues as Nicole fiddled with her ear piece repeatedly and at one point subtly pointed towards her microphone.

    Still a solid performance though.
  7. Even on a shitty day Nicole is better than most. I dig the choreography, so surprised at how much I'm into this little comeback.

    They should start incorporating the other girls' voices live, if only because the background vocals in 'React' sound great and really amp up the song. It'd sound good live and be easy.
  8. I didn’t notice much off about Nicole’s vocals or energy.
  9. Carmit posted footage of their rehearsals on her story and the difference is pretty big.
  10. I don’t understand how you can sound check and then the levels and in-ears be SO bad for the actual thing. Like, what changed in those few minutes? Sheer incompetence on part of the sound team.
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  11. I don't know. I still thought they killed it.
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  12. There's a tiny little thing that annoys me about their performances: why do they always seem like they don't know when to sing/take the mics to their mouths? Especially Jess, and sometimes Ash. It looks weird that even if they only have a few lines to mime to, sometimes they can't even be bothered.
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  13. The performances eh... I mean they're not bad but that One Show one Nicole was definitely off, but I can understand if she was jetlagged. Still, the show must go on.

    It is a shame though.. like people have said, you can't do much when the lead and pretty much only singer on the track is lacking, you can't do much to help other than put on a good damn show in the background. Naive and delusional hope would be that one day, one or two of the other girls could take a line or two more. Or a Dolls only performance, would be interesting sans Nicole.
  14. We'll get Bottle Pop (Crowd Dance Off) and a burlesque dance interlude while Nicole changes costume for a solo section and we will deal.

  15. when i first saw the bbc one broadcast, i was confused as to why the girls didn't even budge when the music came on. just came across a video from someone at the taping. the music never came on at the set which explained why the girls never moved the whole time.
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  16. Nicole didn’t really give me stank face, just the usual popstar sex/sultry faces if anything. And even when she’s not great she’s still very good but like others have said it’s times like these when the whole ~Nicole always (and only) at the front~ dynamic shows its limitations.
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  17. I loved seeing the React performance live at the studio in London, but the borderline misogynistic comments that were made by some of the fans as we were waiting for another glimpse of the girls at the "artists entrance" 30 mins after the performance were not so cute. Nicole walked past us very quickly (not stopping to take selfies, which is obviously fine) and the first comments that some people made were, "Ooh, Nicole and the other girls must have fallen out!" "She's such a diva." Can we please stop.

    Anyway, I personally loved the performance. They're so pretty in real life. That said, I thought the girls would be a lot taller.
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  18. I see Jessica has inherited Melody's ponytail just like she previously did with Carmit's red hair.
  19. Jessica looks gorgeous.
  20. I’ve loved all the performances and interviews so far, but I can’t help but miss Melody.

    Like I’ve said before, completely understand her reasons behind not coming back, but hopefully one day she may join again.

    I’m curious to know whether she was up for the initial reunion back in late 2017.
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