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The Pussycat Dolls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. It's mainly Robin's 'fault'. Usually even bands put together by management teams or labels eventually get to claim their name and start operating as their own band but with Robin basically owning anything PCD related it makes things worse.
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  2. It’s always been.

    The legend. The Lead Pussycat.
    She’s hot as a stove. Her name is…


    Man, the original intro to “Poison” was iconic.
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  3. I think that's what helped The Pussycat Dolls.

    Other girlbands didn't have someone like Robin caring for their image, career, music, videos... And I think Robin is the person who made the Pusscat Dolls succeed worldwide with just two albums (but many visuals, tours, endeavours...).
  4. I think Robin’s involvement post-Don’t Cha is a partial question mark though, isn’t it? Obviously she had the initial idea, but the underground, cabaret/burlesque imagery, visuals and music were somewhat left by the wayside. I’m not sure what knowledge Robin has of r’n’b “””urban””” pop music that the Dolls eventually settled on.
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  5. Replace Nicole with Luann and keep it moving tbh

  6. Wow, she has really picked up a bit of a British twang!
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  7. Nicole definitely has bops. The whole “Big Fat Lie” album was such a banger.

    I think Nicole’s lack of success solo wise stems from a visual aspect. Nicole by herself does not execute the same energy as she does with the girls .

    The stage presence of Carmit, Kimberly and Ashley is what truly made PCD special to me. They literally perform the house DOWN. They are so charismatic and their image within the group stuck out the most imo.
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  8. Now what did poor Jessica do!
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  9. For better or worse Robyn was always very involved with the band as seen from the video below when they went on tour with the Black Eyed Peas:

    I also have a feeling that she was able to get very favorable terms for her personally when the band got their record deal with Interscope.
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  10. RMK


    The conversation we're having surrounding her US career comes up every few months, and it's really warranted when looking at her charisma, material, and mismanagement. If it wasn't Wet or Poison that could've blown up, it was definitely Your Love in 2014. And yet, we got Run and Bang at a random time? Both campaigns and the lack of commitment to an international focus is astonishing.
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  11. Not to mention that PCD music is essentially Nicole solo music with backing vocals and very rare vocals for the other girls. There wasn’t really any need for “more” of Nicole when she was constantly front and centre by a country mile in the group anyway.
  12. De Lesseps? Absolutely.
  13. This reminded me of her giving a 'world wide premier' of Pretty on X Factor USA and then never actually releasing it.

    I actually really like the song.
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  14. THIS! 100%!

    I know there is a “joke” about these girls being back up dancers. But they are some of the most talented, charismatic, show-stopping performers in the music industry. No girl group can dance like these girls. It’s on another level. And Nicole can’t do that with her solo career so it just looks like a low-energy show
  15. Nicole looking absolutely sensational.

    The way these ladies would absolutely be slaying right now if it wasn’t for all this
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  16. Just got my Dublin tour tickets refunded by Ticketmaster. This tour isn’t happening is it?
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  17. LPT


    Did you have to request that or did it just happen?
  18. I requested it weeks ago. Forgot I’d done it to be honest.
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  19. Nicole unfollowed Robin on Instagram. So this isn’t looking good.

    After so many years they finally got everything right for a brief moment. I really believed that they could’ve had a bright future where they could do their solo stuff and come back together every once in a while for the nostalgia tours etc. Grown women coming together with respect for eachother and their talents and love for performing. What a shame.
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  20. 2021 has not been... the best year for girlbands, has it.
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