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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Beyond disappointing. Their X factor performance was fire and proved they still have it but once covid hit something told me this would not come off. It felt like the reunion was too fragile to ride the delay and the inevitable further rescheduling.
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Yeah, Nicole recorded the song solo then they had her do the vocal production on the other girls...all to put the Nicole version on the album dd.

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  3. At least they could have released it on the cd single, as the "Video mix" or "single mix".
  4. If it was not this, I am sure it would have been something else that ended the group sadly. REACT is a moment, and I am so curious to hear what other songs they had ready to go.
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  5. If I remember correctly, the song’s video mix and Bottle Pop video mix are up there on Tidal. In Germany dddd
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  6. GCZ


    The video mix of Bottle Pop is flawless
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  7. I remember bitching about this on the Pussycat Dolls official forum and the majority of the other Stans just did not care that it was the Nicole solo version that was the only version available because it was the one on the radio (which is why I side eye these Stans who claim they always wanted more vocals from the other Dolls).
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  8. For the life of me I’m still trying to get a hold of the lossless version of it.
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  9. "I see the potential in these girls and I wanna bring out their potential"

    Proceeds to not use any of the vocals recorded.
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  10. GCZ


    Same. I’ve seen the promo CD with the track on it on Discogs (it’s currently up for $128 USD if anyone wants to buy it), but I’m not about to spend all that money on the disc just for that one mix.
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  11. ... It’s literally there on Tidal but I doubt anyone in Germany would care enough dddd
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  12. I know about the Bottle Pop (Video Mix), it was officialy released. I have no idea about an official release of WIGU (Video Mix), it is not available (at least in my country). I'v always used a fan made/video rip since 2009.
  13. Ticketmaster have authorised my refund after just a week without any hesitation. They know...
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  14. kal


    I didn't even buy tickets to this and I'm already exhausted from the "will they won't they" mess of it.
  15. Me too at this point. I have refunded all of my tickets and I feel over it until we know for sure.
  16. I think it’s because the other dolls have only been informed that they should block their agendas for the tour in september 2022. I don’t think all the dolls (and Robin/management) actually speak to each other, besides an occasional instagram comment.

    That’s why their answers are always so vague. ‘Hopefully new music with shared vocals’, ‘hopefully an international tour next year’, ‘hopefully an album’ etc. They’re waiting on Nicole and Robin to make plans happen.
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  17. Hopefully does not sound hopeful to me. If it's on for definite then I'll chance it at buying some tickets again.
  18. It's disgusting that the careers of four talented, seemingly lovely women are being held to ransom by two egomaniacs. Ugh. I wish there was a better option for them and that they didn't need Nicole to make this fly.
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  19. I feel terrible for all of them. At least if it's not going to happen, put a pin on it and let them make other plans.
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