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The Pussycat Dolls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I think they're all doing their own thing for the most part at the moment. Carmit said in the original video her statement is pulled from that she's actually working on music and other projects.

  2. I think the ship has sailed now, no? React was brilliant but as we've had nothing since then I don't feel like there would be a huge interest for people to go see this if they announced something for 2022.
  3. While the interest will be there, for sure, I think most people are just fed up with the drama. Just sort it out and get on with it without involving the media. Drama doesn't work anymore.
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  4. Is it too early to start posting about Santa Baby?

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  5. First time I have seen this and wow...........they are very good. Wish there were more shared vocals durign their time together.
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  6. How have I never seen this?! What is it from? I was aware of their cover but not the video.
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  7. Considering only Carmit and Jessica are in it and Ashley is in it briefly but not in the same place as the others I think it was a recent green screen extravaganza.
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  8. It’s from last year. The song is from 2005 but maybe they wanted to do something for Xmas while the world was in lockdown.

    Also, I never noticed the title had “Feat. Carmit, Jessica, & Ashley)” in it. Ddd, they’ll never let that “Jai Ho!”/“Hush Hush; Hush Hush” featured debacle die.
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  9. In true PCD style, the video came out on Boxing Day last year missing the Christmas era. They should give it a wee push this year
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  10. Sorry to double post…

    Kimberly was on Loose Women today and was asked about the tour. She said she’s “optimistic” about it happening September 2022. I love how honest she was “Robin and Nicole are fighting” lol

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  11. I had never seen her husband before and... wow. Go Kim!
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Her hybrid Montanan/English accent always fascinates me.
  13. Two years (!) to the day since this ICONIC comeback.

    What a moment.
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  14. I'm still amazed at Kim doing all of that two months after giving birth. It's just superhuman.

    Their story feels incomplete, though. I can only hope they work things out, because the 5/6 of them together are magic. In an alternate universe they'd be headlining a Super Bowl halftime show.
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  15. I feel a deal will be made and it's going to happen actually. I hope Robin gets her shit together and fast!
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I still think this is one of their greatest performances. Literally letting the girls mime to their own vocals is the only change and it dramatically makes the experience 1000 times better.
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  17. Couldn’t agree more, it just makes the performances seem complete if that makes sense - the performances they did back in the day where the girls actually sang live during the When I Grow Up promo trail give the same feeling!

    Although I was convinced the girls in the performance you posted are live on the verses?
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  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That's definitely all pre-recorded? The girls are all on the studio track, but they upped the volume, and since Nicole is live, they removed her top line from the track which is why it sounds a bit different.

    Also, it's easy to tell when vocals aren't live. One of the biggest ways to notice is how close they keep the mic to their mouth to obscure when lips don't match up, which is also telling because the mic being that close to their mouth will definitely have more audible feedback during choreography to account for the effort/their breathing. Secondly, the girls are all dancing harder than Nicole and their vocals are clean and essentially perfect meanwhile Nicole actually performs a reduced version of the choreography but is singing live. Those are the telltale signs.
  19. I hate that they don’t give us the versions with the other Dolls vocals.

    I also hate that we never got a remix of “React” that’s a throwback to their burlesque days, it could very easily be adapted.

  20. What if the tour goes ahead with Melody?! Now that would be a plot twist.
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