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The Pussycat Dolls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Heck!
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  2. I don’t know why but I still feel like these shows will eventually end up happening.
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  3. Yeah I’m the same, I do think they will happen but I’m not sure why I think this?
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  4. Me neither, I can’t put my finger on it but can just sense the story isn’t over.
  5. Same, which is making me wish I wasn't so hasty to get a refund. Despite all the messiness and egos involved, they must all know deep down that working together benefits them all? No one wins otherwise.
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  6. Two queens coming together to maximize their joint slay, love to see it!
  7. Maybe. Just maybe Melody wanted in, and Nicole was fighting for it to happen, but Robin didn't? Yes, I'm clutching at the final remaining straw. I'm glad I didn't refund my tickets!
  8. If this does go ahead then tickets will still be available the day of each show, if you really wanted to go.
  9. I got a refund too as at the time it seemed doomed. I don’t know what it is recently it just feels like it’ll happen eventually once they sort this out.

    There will be plenty of tickets for us I’m sure - especially as it’s currently pending new dates I’d say probably most of the ticketholders have asked for a refund while we wait.
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  10. Oh I'll definitely rebook, it's just annoying as I had really good seats but it's a lot of money to be sitting in someone else's bank account indefinitely.
  11. The fact Kimberley & Carmit keep talking about September means they’ve got dates booked & they’re just waiting for the official announcement. They might be waiting for Nicole & Robin to make amends, Melody to be able to participate in the tour, have more new music ready, or all three options. I just wish there was a bit of confirmation.
  12. RMK


    They're definitely just clinging to hope because breaking such an intense contract with Live Nation is dumb. Nicole and Robin is just ego verse ego, and it's quite disappointing considering the dolls are literally her best career move.
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  13. I’m guessing we won’t be any further forward until at least after the court date in March. Unless they somehow settle it before then.

    I really hope it goes ahead.
  14. If it does happen it’ll probs get pushed back to 2023 to give them time to get their ducks in a row (again)
  15. It’ll cost them both a fortune if it actually gets to court, not to mention all the additional negative publicity.
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  16. PCD "For Realz This Time" Tour 2023 (Fan Demanded featuring Melody Thornton) would be the biggest scream and plot twist of this reunion.
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  17. kal


    This thread keeps reading like the Sugababes thread.
  18. Perhaps by 2025 they will have finally sorted this and we’ll get a twenty year anniversary edition of PCD!
  19. PCD will probably beat the Sugababes regarding a new album
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  20. Bigger news than the comeback itself!
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