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The Pussycat Dolls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. RMK


    Peep Show (feat. Snoop Dogg) or something. She hammered that everywhere.
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  2. Pat


    I still need the actual full version of this song to leak. Not this looped 2 min version :(
  3. kal


    How is it possible that Her Name is Nicole was basically a done deal, there are snippets of practically every song out there, but the whole thing still hasn’t leaked?
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  4. I find her solo career so fascinating. It's like everything always came this close to working but something always went wrong at the last minute that derailed everything. Also the late 2000's were a brutal time to be a female popstar. Girls were getting shelved left and right.
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  5. Her feature on Come To Me with Diddy was really good! Bawp
  6. RMK


    This is a very pointed theory, but I do believe Poison could've had hype in the states during the fall of 2010. Something about regional releases back then squandered everything for us. That was before On The Floor, and before RedOne's sound expired. It's to the point where I discuss this every two months, but I'm still reeling.
  7. Killer Love
    Don't Hold Your Breath
    Right There
    Say Yes

    This should have been the US singles run. The idea she had in her head that she needed to release "urban music" (her words) for the U.S was so misguided. It was 2011!
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  8. I mean by her own admittance, she's super critical of herself and a perfectionist in a way where I could see her asking to pump the brakes if everything doesn't align. Some of this definitely feels like she pulled out / asked to not go forward and it not being 100% the record company.
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  9. I always got the gist she actually liked “urban” music and even preferred making more urban/r&b style music to the euro-dance pop.
  10. I will forever mourn the loss of a properly mastered/HQ Save Me From Myself from the legendary Her Name is Nicole. It's so melodramatic and amazing.

    I still find it shocking the true album hasn't leaked in full.
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  11. This plus:

    She should have stayed in this sonically. It suits her voice so well
  12. The irony of calling that album Her Name Is Nicole when the casual Pussycat Dolls listener would only have known her name out of the rest of the lineup.
  13. Can you imagine the meeting in 2007 where she was asked / encouraged / told that she was going back to the Dolls.

    It's remarkable how everyone dropped the ball with the Pussycat Dolls brand back then. PCD was such a seminal album and they could have built a much bigger and better legacy than they already have had they built on that era more effectively moving forward. Nicole should have seen beyond her very narrow expectation of how her career should pan out, the other girls should have been given more to do, Ron Fair shouldn't have amalgamated the group's music into Nicole's solo career, Robin shouldn't have anonymised the group with reality TV shows...

    So many mistakes!
  14. I read these articles a long time ago, but it seems that Jimmy Iovine was notorious in this era for holding (mostly female artists') albums in what was deemed "Jimmy Jail". He refused to release them until he felt that they would be a surefire success, which led to a number of projects being indefinitely shelved.

    I'll paste the articles here in case they disappear in the future:
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  15. kal


    Wow, what a moron.
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  16. I'm ready for this new EP.

    PLEASE let it materialize.
  17. Rob


    Has she actually confirmed she's working on new material?
  18. Supposedly at some low key gig in LA, yes, she confirmed some sort of EP called 'Warrior' or so I've read.
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  19. I thought they meant the PCD EP and thought wow, do I have some bad news for you.
  20. I'm still waiting for the whole Boomerang-era scrapped album to leak...
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