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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I thought Boomerang was pretty awful.
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  2. RMK


    Boomerang is like, the worst parts of 2012 pop culminating together. She deserved better than that.
  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Boomerang bops.
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  4. Given the consensus here seems to be that Big Fat Lie is much worse than Killer Love, I almost didn't bother listening to it, but I just did and actually thought it was great, and by far the best of the two. Unlike the debut's killer + filler, it's much more consistent (in big part due to the whole thing being produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream) and works much, much better as a body of work, and Nicole's voice fits the album's soundscape perfectly. Songs like Your Love, Electric Blue, Heartbreaker and Bang are among her best, and even the least memorable moments on the album are much more enjoyable than the debut's endless flavourless ballads. Ignoring Run and deluxe tracks, none of which are particularly worthwhile, it's a really solid 10 track affair. Shame it was a bit of a flop and apparently not very fondly remembered, a very underrated album for sure.
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    That's so true. The come-down from Killer Love was severe, but it feels like a natural progression from where she left off with the vision for Her Name Is Nicole. Girl With A Diamond Heart always stuck out as particularly stunning from her.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She just has bad taste. PCD and Eden's Crush benefited from her talent, because her taste is clearly theatre-kid in the worst sense.
  7. I wish she was more theater kid, these songs are dull. Give me gravitas, Scherzy!

    Her version of “Memory” is my all-time favorite (not sorry one bit).
  8. To think that she could’ve raised her profile and improve her image beyond a television judge and lead singer who ‘didn’t allowed the other members to sing’ with the PCD reunion:

    Consistently release ‘pop’ music and tour with the dolls, use your elevated profile to dabble in theatre again and release solo music independently that’s a little more left lane and personal.

    I truly believe that the reunion could’ve done so much for her. It still baffles me how it all exploded.
  9. My Kylie playlist on Spotify.
  10. Jimmy Iovine sounds like an idiot. Those unreleased Nicole and Eve albums (and the Gavin Rossdale one, since I seem to recall the not-exactly-cheap Linda Perry produced at least some of it) must have cost an absolute fortune! What kind of a business model is that?
  11. Nah this is exactly whey he shelved them so he didn't have to pay for them.
    90% of the time stuff gets paid for only when it's properly released.
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  12. I'd be inclined to believe some of this material fell into the other 10%, given the calibre of producers involved.

    The fact that the deeply unremarkable Baby Love was the only track to get a UK single release doesn’t exactly suggest the A&R team had a firm hand on the wheel either.
  13. A solid portion of Her Name Is got repurposed for Doll Domination though.
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  14. Yeah, there were some songs released as promo material for Her Name is Nicole that are exactly the same as they appear on Doll Domination. I bought the Unhappily Ever After promo disc thinking it would sound at least a bit different... and it's literally the same track. She even said at some point that she wasn't sure which tracks would appear on her solo debut and which on the next Pussycat Dolls album, which in fact was simply how would the song be released to the public with no affect on the track itself.
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    "Nicole Scherzinger simply isn’t perspiring enough. ”More sweat!” yells a production staffer on the Long Beach, Calif., set of the video for ”Whatever U Like,” the first single from Scherzinger’s solo album, Her Name Is Nicole. ”We need more sweat now! The more sweat, the better! We want her to look like she’s in hell!”"

    I'm sorry but this shit is FUNNY.
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  16. BLENDER magazine rotted the brain of many industry people back then. The overtly sexy theme in everything (videos, shoots, songs) didn't always work and Whatever U Like was one such thing (I personally love it!) where it was too sexual for no reason.
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  17. I think one of Nicole's main issues regarding her solo career is that she doesn't have a defined musical identity. Who is Nicole as a solo artist, what is her sound, what does she bring to the table? There was (and is) a clear disconnect between what she likes, what the labels wanted her to be and the audience's perception of her. Trying so many things without a solid foundation results in music that's almost faceless - with some exceptions! Whatever U Like, Right There, Scream, Wet, Your Love, heck, even Coconut Tree, there's some vision and strategy there, but the rest dilutes her identity which doesn't help the audience to connect. And if you're an artist like her, who very unjustly has a scarlet letter on her just for popping up in an uber-cutthroat, mysoginistic era in media with people wanting you to fail, it's even more difficult.

    Her career post X-Factor UK has been a great PR rehabilitation turn, with a few bumps here and there (the Rachel Crow-gate, Big Fat Lie being a decent album terribly packaged and A&Red) but with big highlights like her musical theatre performances, which I believe did for her the same as the Sound of Music performance did for Lady Gaga (wait, she's a great singer, the general public loves her again!) and of course Masked Singer. I don't know what happens from here on out, or if there's interest at all for her music career outside of us fans, but she truly deserves her flowers.
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  18. Honestly... Nicole's vocal ability is better than basically any material she has ever released at this point. You have to try hard to find examples of her, well, not killing it. I know it can come across as faceless sometimes, but she might be my favorite singer / vocalist / voice (?) even though I don't rate much of her released music that highly.

    At this point, she should honestly dip into that vocal-focused music. I know that's not a genre, but I would like to really see her give up this attempt to be an R&B pop star and go down the route where she's highlighting her very flawless abilities. When she has tried to do this before, she ends up with boring songs--get her a catchy ballad, at least!

    I mean I feel like there is something here:

    This diva night one is fun (and reminds me of her feature on the New Kids on the Block album, which was also great).

    I mean... why didn't she just record this instead of Sia?! It's catchy, too. (But more importantly, why did they send Nicole on a promotional tour of the movie and this song instead of Sia and Nicole didn't even record this?!)


    And whatever this new song she performed yesterday seems like it might finally go a vocal-driven route, but honestly, it sounds a little too slow and boring still--at least in this live performance.

    (Sorry, also realizing this is not a thread on Nicole's solo career, so maybe this went too deep.)
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  19. kal


    Oh wow, this is amazing?!
  20. I adore her version of And I’m Not Telling You, I always skip past poor Sam Bailey though.
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