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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

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    This is her best moment.
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  2. I love Nicole so much, there's just so much to love about her, but I feel like as a solo artist she has never been able to align everything to fit. Like a lot of people have already said, she doesn't have a defining image, or at least one that matches her own taste. PCD have always had that defining image about them that is one of the reasons for the success.

    I've always felt that Nicole should have a similar image for her solo music too, after all she is the Pussycat Dolls to the general public and most see her as the lead with back up dancers rather than other members.

    Wet is a great video and honestly would have made a great PCD single, but for me it shows that she can do it solo and make it work. The song isn't quite as strong as PCD music and I do believe NIcole's solo music was never in the same league as PCD.

    React would have been an incredible new solo song for Nicole and it practically is as PCD are back up for her as usual. I'd love to hear the PCD EP they where working on, but if its not going to happen as a group I feel like Nicole could release the same music solo with the same image.

    Genetics with Megan Trainor is another good example of her being solo with the PCD name attached. That type os song just works so well for Nicole and I think that image would work well for her.

    Nicole is sexy and I think most people know her for that, and I think she should carry on with that being her image, because her other solo music lacks that defining image.
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  3. There seems little point going solo if your music is going to sound almost the same as the music you performed in the group. As mentioned, Nicole lacks any musical identity because much of her solo stuff could just be Pussycat Dolls material too.

    I agree, she is an amazing vocalist but that's never really captured in her music.
  4. Sometimes people just work better in a group. I love the Spice Girls but I will readily admit that they don't work for me as solo entities. It's the same with Nicole, I love her fronting the band but she just doesn't interest me as a solo artist, especially because as mentioned, she doesn't seem to have a defined artistic identity.
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    I agree that there wasn't much of a differentiation from group material, but it's also like.. "Whatever U Like" or "Puakenikeni" have absolutely nothing on "I Hate This Part" or "When I Grow Up". According to her, the PCD singles came about in her solo sessions. If sitting on those, wrong choices were made in the first place.
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  6. When I said that Nicole should carry on the sound of PCD, I mean it in the way that Nicole already has that image attached to her.

    I agree that when singers go solo they should have there own sound separate from the group, like 2ne1 for example. Each member brough there own sound so when they went solo a lot of people are expecting to hear more of a sound from each girl.

    But with Nicole, she literally is the sound of PCD, no shade to the other girls but they bring nothing when it comes to the sound of their music, thats all Nicole and that sound is already attached to her, so I feel like she should continue that, if that makes sense.
  7. Then there's no point in solo Nicole. She might just as well have stayed with the PCD.
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  8. changed music yeah.
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    The problem is that when PCD began, she wasn't very well known, especially if you didn't know Eden's Crush. She thus created a persona for PCD, someone overly confident/sexy/self-aware, which was at odds with who she really is/was as a solo artist. With Her Name Is Nicole, she tried to sell this idea of being vulnerable and wholesome, which was hard to swallow because as a Pussycat Doll, especially their lead/only vocalist, she gave off the image of being 1000% the opposite. Nicole is a theater kid, someone who's very sensitive, but someone that first learned to sell her talents under the veil of her group's objective. That's her issue. It's not the she's not marketable; it's that she made herself rather redundant after PCD began.
  10. For me, the material wasn't the issue because it's not like the Pussycat Dolls had a specific identity across a very limited catalogue. Both of their albums are a mix of timeless bops, songs that suited the radio trends at the time and throwbacks to their burlesque days.

    I think that the dynamic of PCD at the time made her redundant as a solo artist. By her own admission, she sang 95% of the first album and she was the front and centre of every performance. The whole thing was presented as (essentially) a solo performer with the same set of back up singers and dancers. They spent three years building up this brand and identity - which was unique and very easily identifiable - for Nicole to drop it instantly to branch out on her own. It made zero sense for her to launch a solo career in 2007 when I'm sure the label, Robin and the other Dolls would have all preferred to build on what they'd all devoted three years to establishing.

    The stuff about Jimmy Iovine tracks too because it's not like the label gave her much time to establish herself. The group last performed together in the summer of 2007 and by early 2008 they were getting to launch the Doll Domination era. Understandably so too as they were massive at the time.
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  11. It really was a Texas situation where Sharleen going solo was met with 'okay and' from the public as opposed to Fergie, who shined on whatever little crumbs Black Eyed Peas gave her so we were aching for her to go solo and get full tracks of her.
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  12. Nicole was really in a lose-lose situation. Pussycat Dolls only had one album to their name, and in the eyes of most, Nicole was the group. She really had to set herself apart from the group’s sound/imagery to carve out any sort of identity as a solo artist, but the group was still so new that the public were just craving more of the same. And even upon doing that, it left audiences confused by the Nicole VS group brand change. I think solo efforts needed to wait until the Dolls had established a lengthier discography as a group, but knowing Nicole’s long-standing solo ambitions, that was never going to work for her.
  13. The public:
    - Man, we love the Pussycat Dolls!!! Nicole and the girls are a performing powerhouse we love their songs and videos, the sense of girl gang and sex positivity, gals on a night out, feeling part of the sexy girls at school and getting empowered by them! They look so good together, I can spend hours looking at their artwork and photos, learning little things about each girl. Those performances, wow we don't know where to look. A dream team!!

    The label:
    - Here's just Nicole Scherzinger with none of those other things, bye.
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    The fact she pretty much became a one person Pussycat Dolls instead of doing something completely different probably didn't really help either
  15. For me, even before the marketing issues that y'all have pointed out, there is the issue of the music itself. And her solo music wasn't very good. If she had come out the gate with a Buttons or a When I Grow Up, she would have easily had a very strong debut even though there were the aforementioned underlying issues. But she came out with Baby Love, a boring midtempo that should have never been anything other than an album track, and Whatever U Like, a bop yes but one that went too hard for the radio. She needed a really strong debut instead she served songs that were worse than most PCD singles.
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  16. The singles from Her Name Is Nicole were awful and paled in comparison to the PCD singles. That was the main issue. Doll Domination then suffered because they stacked it with midtempos and ballads when they were known primarily as a dance group who did club anthems.

    Killer Love was just taking the sound of other female pop stars who were big (Gaga and Redone, Rihanna and Stargate) and making her own version of that. But it actually worked in giving her songs that didn't sound directly like Pussycat rejects. And then, despite finding success abroad with those songs, she decided she needed to hit pause and .... record songs that sounded like PCD? She's just had a misguided career.
  17. The main issue with Nicole solo was that she had Gaga and Rihanna budgets with Shontelle profits.
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  18. *Watches the Poison video*

    I'm not sure about that budget part, Vas.
  19. You were talking about Killer Love being inspired by Gaga / Rihanna, that was the era my comment was about. The RedOne / Stargate songs weren't cheap, or the videos and she hardly sold any albums or tickets, the era probably made a loss. Which is why the next eras were so cheap.
  20. Yea, I understood that. I was joking about the Poison video looking cheap.

    Nothing I post is landing today on Pop Justice ddd.
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