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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. We already knew, but it's interesting to hear it from Kim: the only issue is Nicole wanted more money.
    She's so well spoken and respectful, but I love that she's not afraid to tell the truth as well.
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  2. For some reason the video isn't available here, but it's called: Building Resilience and Facing Challenges with Kimberley Wyatt.
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  3. Thanks Nicole.
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  4. GCZ


    It’s available on Spotify on the US!
  5. What's the timestamp for her talking about Nicole wanting more money? Was that in relation to the reunion or the first time around? I listened to a little bit of the podcast and was surprised by how open she was about things like Ron Fair wanting them to look like "anorexic aliens" and Robin/the team pushing Kim to get clearer skin.
  6. It’s also on Apple Podcast but I had to Google it instead of searching through the app (as always).
  7. This worked for me in the UK
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  8. That was a great watch, thanks for sharing. The way I never realised there was 7th girl on the Don't Cha video who ended up not being confirmed for the group. Also, way to go Nicole and Robin FFS. So much for supporting other women.
  9. At which point does she discuss Nicole/PCD?
  10. From 46:00 minutes.
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  11. Kimberly is always so well spoken and a team player. Love her.

    For some reason the part where Kimberly says that she would often tell Nicole that she wishes that Nicole wants to be in PCD but she never got that love and want back from her, really got to me. As much as I would love a reunion, a tour, a revision of their history and ownership of their power as a group, it’s just not realistic. It doesn’t feel genuine anymore and perhaps better for them (as individuals) to let it go. I don’t know, it feels to me like a confirmation of what we all knew and made assumptions about.
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  12. I think it’s just all very sad to be honest, both that the other girls never got to shine and also that Nicole never saw how special the band was.

    I don’t think it’s ever been genuine and that is to Nicole’s fault for a large portion of it to be honest, the wool was once again pulled over our eyes that things would be different in 2019/2020 but as usual they’ve descended into ego and status.

    Terrible waste as they were fantastic live every time I saw them.
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  13. I do like Nicole as a performer but I really would just love to give her a shake and tell her to stop being an idiot.

    By demanding more money she has infact lost money for not only herself, the rest of the group, the touring company, the fans (booking fees).

    A real shame - especially to now hear how Kimberly reached out to Nicole regarding the feelings of PCD.
  14. Wow, that interview with Kimberly was super candid. She's articulated the situation so well - honest yet diplomatic. Loved how open she was. However, Nicole - come on girl! So disappointed. To renege on the deal like that when all the other Dolls came together and compromised to make it work - is not the one. She shouldn't have signed up for it in the first place if she wasn't all in. Really disappointing. Terrible how the other members of the group found out too.

    I agree with you. Nicole just won't let up. I really wish she would realise what she had. But then Nicole obviously, ultimately, doesn't feel happy within the PCD environment, which is a huge shame. And I guess life is short to be doing something you don't enjoy. Interesting though, that Kimberly mentions the legal tussle is still ongoing and that it could still happen. Although, I'm not holding my breath.
  15. They just need to replace Nicole and keep it moving at this point
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  16. What a great interview! Amazing how open Kim was. She is such a resilient woman. I just hope she hasn't burnt bridges by speaking about this publicly. As I've mentioned before, I'm also glad for Melody's sake that she stayed out of this reunion.
  17. Actually her time to takeover is now.
  18. Just watched the bit of her talking about the situation and I mostly feel sorry for her and the other members of the band that aren't Nicole. It must have been so demoralizing to be in such a high stress situation and not feel that you really are in it together and then again when they came back together to have it all fall apart because of money. I do have to blame Nicole for this because according to Kim contracts were signed and Nicole decided she wanted more during the quarantine delays. So disappointing for the fans and the other girls caught in the middle of that.

    I guess my feeling towards the Dolls was always unfulfilled potential. They broke out in such a unique, exciting way and when it was time to really establish themselves as a force with their second album they got hobbled and it all went to shit. Ten years later as they were about to have that incredibly rare chance at a do over and come back as accomplished, mature, talented women ready to actualize their vision it happens again. What a shame.

    I guess Nicole never saw the Dolls as anything more than a business arrangement and a stepping stone for her own ambitions. That's her right and she doesn't really owe anything to anyone other than herself. I do blame her for reneging on signed contracts after 2020 though.
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    Poor Carmit
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