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The Pussycat Dolls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    I can't believe this is still up. I remember listening to this like CRAY in high school and it brought me this bop

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  2. Carmit is a star.
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  3. The full podcast with Kimberly was a sad listen at times as the whole dynamic just sounded so bleak. Ron Fair being awful to them about their appearances / roles within the group, the other girls never knowing if their spots were permanent and being told constantly that they were replaceable, Nicole making it known she didn't want to be in the band, Kimberly staging an intervention with the whole group and the record label just to be instantly dismissed...

    It's surprising that they lasted for so long during their original run as powerhouse performers given everything that was going on behind the scenes.
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  4. Carmit only netting 5%?!

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  5. I guess Nicole was probably aware of her being the Beyoncé of the group but I keep wondering if at any point she looked at Beyoncé and thought she could reach the same level of success... Such a shame. Imagine ditching a lucrative deal only to feature in a non-event DJ song nobody cares about.
  6. I think the issue with Pussycat Dolls was that Nicole never saw herself in the same table with Jessica, Melody, etc and instead felt like she belonged in the table that had Robin Antin and Jimmy Iovine and anyone in power basically.
  7. That's fair but business people would make this happen instead of blowing it up over ego. That's the mind boggling part, she's now getting 75% of nothing when she could be getting 50% of millions. It's just not smart.
  8. I think Nicole has enough opportunities outside of this PCD things while the others don't... Which could be the reason why she wanted the increase maybe?
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  9. A quick look at the likes of Bey, or Harry Styles, or even Cheryl, they all stuck around until after at least 5 studio albums of their band before venturing out. Now I don't know enough to have a correct view but somehow it seems to me that by planting your image in the public eye's as part of a group with longevity does do you a huge favor when it comes to warranting a proper solo career. Maybe we were just living in horrible times when a judging slot at the X-Factor panel made more sense than being a performer.

    I also feel the same way as @Vasilios about Nicole's perception of her role in the band, which is just... unfortunate if true because at the end of the day, the public was introduced to her as just the lead singer of the Dolls, not one of the masterminds behind the brand. Even if it was the right time for the group to call it a day after album 2, she had no rights being difficult and showing disinterests to her bandmates like Kim said in the interview.
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  10. But she wasn't really the mastermind, she auditioned for the role of lead singer like everyone else. And even if she does perceive herself as more talented or valuable than the other girls, she just keeps shooting her own career in the foot so what's the point.
  11. On the other hand, Nicole helped curating the Dolls sound, producing the music and was anchoring the whole thing from a musical perspective from behind the scenes. Even if I don't condone how the whole thing is being handled, I do understand her wanting to be respected a little bit more and getting her worth - I'm thinking of Ellen Pompeo negotiations, or recently Neve Campbell's. But then again, the girls also deserve their flowers and their worth valued - a 5% for Carmit is shameful.
  12. Nicole must have been offered some lucrative job (Masked Singer, a film or something) and for the tour to be worth her while, she would have to increase her cut. That must be the most logical explanation for the renegotiation of the terms...
  13. I’m amazed that Nicole thinks that highly of her career. Her career is being the judge on The Masked Singer and doing music collaborations that no one cares about. Her music career is in PCD. So her saying that she needs over 70% because of “lucrative jobs she would refuse” is laughable.
  14. I genuinely believe Nicole when she says in interviews over the years that all she wants to do in be on a stage and sing. That’s why I am so shocked she messed up this reunion tour. She will never tour arenas and sing in the O2 as a solo artist.
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  15. It's not hard to grasp that Nicole is that much of an egomaniac that she can't bring herself to share the stage with the other dolls as equals.

    When they initially announced the reunion and did the radio tour it was flat out uncomfortable how little she knew about the other's lives.
  16. That may be what her career is but she probably makes a heck of a lot of money doing The Masked Singer etc.
  17. I was going to say something similar... keyword here is lucrative which means money and nothing more. And what Nicole is doing easily can make her a lot of money and probably way more combined than what she would get from the Pussycat Dolls. People can hate her for whatever other reasons they want, but you have to always put yourself as number one in your career (in any industry). It's all business--this isn't exactly groundbreaking music.
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  18. The Masked Singer keeps her profile at a comfortable level. She gets to enjoy life and be glamorous while not having to meet the demands of rehearsing for a group she barely wants to be in.

    Nicole’s worst mistake honestly. This left her solo endeavors with little to separate it from the group’s work/sound if The Pussycat Dolls did a lot of the music she wanted to make anyways. Why put so much of yourself in something you don’t really want to be a part of?
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  19. Also, if she were to miss a season of The Masked Singer, she’d likely be replaced… potentially for good. I understand her not wanting to risk that, especially for a tour that isn’t paying her what she’s asked. It’s a shame music has become lower priority for her, but business is business.
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  20. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I really think her time in Eden's Crush really bent her into thinking in a hugely business way. Surely it's business but the way she's handled this doesn't seem to offer any compromise. I get 75% of tour profits if she wanted, but I don't think it should be that she recoups 75% of new profits from a new business endeavor. The only reason she's so prominent is because she was made to be that way. She's extremely talented but this pushing the other girls silent for her to get $$$ is just...stupid. I guess I'm glad it didn't work out because each and every other girl is worthy of better and this whole setup was an ego push, as usual. And I love Nicole. It's just bs now.
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