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The Pussycat Dolls

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Oh wow, looks like this reunion could be still on after all…

    It has been agreed in court that Nicole will receive ‘no less than a minimum of 75% of royalties for any new Pussycat Dolls music.’ It does seem to be only the music she has the 75% share of, the touring entity is still split as previously made public.

    Very surprised that this has been agreed however it may point to this not being over. Robin Antin has also agreed this in court.
  2. Wild that this happened, even wilder if all ladies agree to come back after everything. But who knows at this point.
  3. I’ve re-read it back and apparently she had 75% of the music all along, she just wants a matching share in styling, choreography etc. This is all so messy it’s hard to keep track.
  4. It’s hard to imagine them coming back from all this. We’d need them to want to work together after this whole debacle and we’d probably need them to work a bit harder… I’m not sure I see ticket sales being as good as the first time around without a bit more of a push in promo/music to reassure us that this will work out.
  5. Are the court documents out?
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  6. Rush out a 3 song EP, get a female rapper on the lead single, relaunch the tour with the 'Unfinished Business' branding. Boom xx

    Get an Amazon Prime reality show deal to document all of this for extra £££.
  7. I came across a story post from ‘pcduniverse’ (lol) on Instagram stories which posted an excerpt from them.
  8. Oh, just checked. That's the contract from the original lawsuit. However, there's a hearing today, not expecting much but still.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  10. Hell, attach it to a Greatest Hits that features the video mixes to all of their singles. The video mixes of “When I Grow Up”, “Buttons”, and “Bottle Pop” all need a wider release!
  11. The video mixes really were superior. I loved Bottle Pop’s intro.
  12. THIS! we need an official release of the video mixes, they are far superior than the album versions, I've been listening to awful video rips since 2006.
  13. Any update on what happened in court yesterday?
  14. I don't really see how they can have any trust after taking this whole thing public and to the courts...but if the revenue is there maybe that will be motivation enough. I still think the worst part of the arrangement is still that Carmit only gets 5% haha - I get that she wasn't there for half the original era but just a weird way to move forward.

    I also just released a podcast episode discussing their whole career - please check it out if you're interested!!
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  15. Trial date in september 2023?!
  16. A greatest hits sounds ideal right now. They have the hits, and they have some new songs and if they're actually doing the tour... why not?
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    A greatest hits from two albums widely available on DSP's? We ain't getting anything new until this is you'd better crank up Spotify, hunny

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  18. Justice for Painted Windows.
  19. 2023?!
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  20. Melody has just been announced as the lead in the UK tour of The Bodyguard musical in 2023. A great booking for her. She did the Asian tour a few years back so I’m happy she’s doing the UK. It’s currently selling for six months and I assume she’s doing them all as it’s not stated otherwise.
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