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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Melody is doing amazing on Masked Singer Australia. She’s performed in 6 episodes so far and has made it to the final! She’s in the top 3. Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child got eliminated in the semi final

    I’d love Melody to do Masked Singer UK. If Michelle Williams can do 3 different countries then Melody can do 2
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  2. Loving hearing Melody’s solo versions of some PCD hits here. Buttons (3:20) and Whatcha (9:40) particularly!

    I’m sure it’s never going to happen, but a 5-piece reunion minus Nicole would be amazing to see
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  3. The fact that Nicole's vocals are still suffocating Melody even as just a backing track... is hilarious. Melody is singing solo, but all I'm taking away from this performance is just her ad libs still is interesting.

    She can obviously sing and I think this forum has a lot of love for her, but I personally have such little interest in her. I actually think the reunion group worked so much better.
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  4. People give Nicole shit for lacking charisma as a solo artist but that video proves Melody isn’t any better, I spent the video looking at her dancers or the screens in the back. I also find her vocals to lack personality, that’s not to say I think she can’t sing but it didn’t really hold my attention.

    And before someone accuses me of waving my Nicole stan flag, I thought Carmit killed it when she did solo PCD material this year.
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  5. RMK


    Melody couldn't sing that well. So much belting, barely any control. I'll never understand the wishes for her to lead the group.
  6. 10 years ago, she was in her early 20s and desperate to show off her vocal prowess through the limited opportunity she got. Her solo material shows more restraint and control. I think her vocal tone is probably an acquired taste but I don't think it's accurate to say she can't sing well.

    I think the vocal on this track is stunning:

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  7. Melody has just won Masked Singer Australia! So happy for her ❤️

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  8. I think the problem is she's not singing in her rnatural ange?
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  10. Is this because no know knew her or how does that work? Legit question.
  11. Someone going on the masked singer who was never allowed to sing on their own songs is genius because nobody could ever possibly recognize you.
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  12. The format has never really settled on any single approach. Sometimes they pick someone they feel they think they've guessed the identify of and other times, it's just based on whose performance they liked or some other factor.
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    To see her win... she must feel so at peace with a) walking away from the Dolls, b) not feeling a need to compromise and return in 2019, and c) to finally be commended for her talents individually. She joined the Dolls like around 18, 19?... so to see her get her dreams fulfilled almost 20 years later? I teared up a bit.

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  15. Here is the full new interview with Carmit. I recommend to watch the entire thing. She also adressed the recent incident where fans of Nicole posted hateful comments under her daughters instagram posts.

    You could really tell how hurt and disappointed she is about the lawsuit. She also makes it pretty clear that she has no intention to ever go back to the dolls. She hasn’t spoken to Nicole in over 18 months and said that during the reunion they immediately had their groove back but they also fell back into old unhealthy patterns which broke the group up the first time. Basically that everything should’ve been divided equally between all members and that no individual should demand more by stepping on others and putting others down.
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    Never seen this. But wow, even being so short - you can tell how much PCD impacted her

    And this too:
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  17. IMG_3738.jpg

    Interesting to see this interaction in the comments of one of Melody's posts about winning!
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  19. Fake as Lee’s press ons!!!!
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  20. I can’t believe that Nicole congratulated her and I’ve seen nothing from Kimberly, Ashley or Jessica. Melody lived with Kimberly in the UK when she was competing on Dancing On Ice so I thought Kimberly would have posted something.
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