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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I don't get why they're re-releasing it at all. I mean most of the "new" songs for 3.0 were on the Mini-Collection which did well here so who exactly is going to by it?
  2. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes was a seperate album. We don't consider Blood On The Dance Floor a reissue of HIStory and we don't consider Remixed & Revisited a reissue of American Life so Rihanna only issued the album four times.

    *pedantic mode off*
  3. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I have to agree partially, but the point is that she was milking GGGB with it anyway.

    One day, some of the managers had a chat that was probably like this: "Since the group is falling apart, why don't we milk this cow 'till it dies from dehydration?"
  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I love that performance.

    But seriously, the other girls need to sing. It grew incredibly thin with DD, and I love Nicole. Have all of her solo songs, features, iPod videos...etc. I've adored her ever since Popstars and Eden's Crush - she's a star, and she's talented.

    But what we all know is there needs to be a solid line between Nicole alone and PCD. PCD is a group - no matter the fact that the other girls aren't publicly recognized, but Nicole really isn't either. The buying public loves the group, the singing/dancing girls who are more adventurous and quirky. Nicole alone doesn't have the power of the girls together. There is something unique about the group, something that is carefully intertwined with Nicole's leadership. Without the other, one cannot survive. Unfortunately this is the case.

    So other vocals from the girls are necessary. If this requires that the other girls move from being employees of the label and actually being signed as a unit, a group, then so be it. Melody could definitely carry verses ( the one minute mark), and perhaps the other girls can do speak-y, less stressful vocals. But something must be done. No one is happy, clearly, and the situation will only worsen. Nicole's solo campaign will suffer too from this Nicole-onslaught on the general public. No one is winning, and their damn management better fucking realize this.
  5. Aamyko

    Aamyko Guest

    Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    That performance of "Whatever U Like" was pretty good, but she really thinks she has got something to prove!
    I like that she wants to make it as a solo artist but the fact that everything she does just stinks of "Eau de Desperation" makes me wish she would just stick to PCD.
  6. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I don't think Beyonce was laughing at Nicole at all...

    There was a better performance Whatever U Like with Lil' Jon, but I can't find it on YouTube. I think the problem with the song, is that although it's out and out amazing in a club, it's a bitch to perform in a way that makes it seem brilliant. It's far to throaty and quiet a vocal to be impressive.
  7. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    If the five-some of crap that is Girls Aloud can share vocals, I see no reason why the PCDs can't.

    If Melody had some training, she could be every bit as good as Nicole, if not better. And Jessica's no worse than most popstars working today.
  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion
  9. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    ^I can't get over how beautiful she is.
  10. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    She's stunning and she's a great singer, but her solo material has completely sucked.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I love Nicole and get her but this performance is the explanation to why her solo atempt failed. Should work but didn't.
  12. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    In your opinion. I liked all her solo songs.
  13. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I will! I've been waiting for a decent re-issue of this album for ages so I could finally buy it. That one BETTER get released!
  14. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    Jeez, I didn't expect this to all kick off again! I've argued long and hard in the past, but I can't say anything I haven't said before so I've copied and pasted myself from I post I wrote a while ago:

    I love The Pussycat Dolls. They're my favourite music group. I love the image, the music, the Dolls themselves... I'm a huge PCD fan, basically. But I am really beginning to get sick of this whole NICOLE SCHERZINGER (and the pussycat thingies) thing they've (still) got going on.

    They are marketed as a GROUP. This is a FACT. Despite the fact that PCD fans, and maybe even casual fans know that Nicole basically sings 95% of everything they do, they are shown to be a group. They all hold mics when they perform, regardless of whether or not said mics are used. They all participate in the interviews and press junkets to promote their music. Bottom line is, they are a group. And they need to start acting like it before they end up being viewed as a complete joke.

    At the beginning they were viewed as a bit of fun, a novelty act, etc. but they proved themselves with good songs and great performances. Back when it all began, they were fresh and something a bit new, and no, I don't think it was blantantly obvious (as some people here at PJ say) that the apparent premise of PCD was Nicole Scherzinger with her glorified backup dancers. The whole 'novelty' aspect of the first year or so glossed over that. But the novelty's worn off now, and they're now a part of pop music culture, or the pop 'scene'... whatever you want to call it.

    I believe PCD have the potential to be dominating (pardon the pun) force in the world of pop (or music in general), not just in terms of their brand but as an all round girl group. But as long as the other Dolls are relegated to dancing the background lip syncing to Nicole's vocals, they'll never go that little bit further.

    Each of them is capable. Despite the fact that yes, Nicole is very beautiful and very talented, the other Dolls are being wasted. It's not fair on them, and it's not fair on Nicole either. They can all sing to some degree - we know this. Part of their audition to be a Pussycat Doll is they have to be able to sing, and that was long before the recording group PCD.

    I mean for goodness sake, they don't even sing the bloody backing vocals that they get credited for! Surely everyone would agree that that's a little ridiculous. How hard is it to shout "I don't need a man!" at various intervals during a performance, for example, or breathe out the little "Uh huh/Uh" bits in Buttonz? Fair enough if you don't think they should give the other Dolls full verses (which I personally think they are fully capable of) but I refuse to be convinced otherwise that they shouldn't attempt to at least do the backing vocals on their songs - both live and on the albums (it's really quite blatant that Nicole's the only one singing on Doll Domination apart from the couple of verses Melody has in about 3 of the songs).

    The majority of the fans seem to think this way too. Look at any Youtube comments or PCD forums and you'll find plenty of remarks about how "they should let them all sing", or how "silly it is that Nicole's the only one singing", etc. Hell, who knows? Maybe if all of them sang it might renew a bit of interest in them - curiosity may entice more people to buy the albums to hear them all do their bit.

    Sorry for going on so long, but it drives me to distraction at times to see them waste so much potential.
  15. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I don't know why you reply with "In your opinion" to anybody as if you're uncovering some big scandalous secret that none of us can deduce ourselves! Of course we all realise that pretty much anything people can offer on a discussion forum are their own opinions. It really does just go without saying.

    You can argue you until your blue in the face how amazing you think she is, how much solo success you think she's deserves and how it's all somebody else's fault it didn't happen but for the time being the flop singles and rather expensive unreleased album tend to weigh heavily in favour of the general consensus that Nicole needs the Dolls just as much as they need her.

    Nobody is asking you to stop enjoying her solo songs, though.
  16. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    After reading all of this, I think that there are a lot of valid points to be made, one of them being that Nicole obviously wants the limelight. I remember back in her Eden's Crush days that she seemed to be the face of the band, and even on the Popstars USA show, there seemed to be a bit of tension there about that. However, if everyone is truly unhappy, then it would be best to give things a rest now rather than sully their names and the brand of PCD.
  17. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I'm not rejecting the general consensus (just to make that clear). But fine, I'll keep enjoying her solo songs, because they are special and extremely underrated.
  18. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    It's too bad that Nicole overlooked Super Villain when she was gathering scraps from her solo project to release under the PCD name. That song is better than anything that was actually used.
  19. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    I remind you that Girls Aloud are the winners of a singing competition and suggest you to shut the fuck up.

    May be she's actually smart and decided to keep Super Villain for herself? (I don't believe that either)
  20. Re: Pussycat Dolls 3rd Studio Album General Discussion

    Can we please have ONE conversation that's not about bloody Girls Aloud. I think the general discussion thread (which is being pointlessly kept going even when there's fuck all to discuss) and the bizarre topic on an album that won't be recorded for another year is quite enough, no?

    To get back to Nicole/PCD - I'm not sure there's any way back for either. Doll Domination has underperformed badly a) compared to its predecessor and b) considering how much it would have cost to put together, and these endless re-issues smack of throwing good money after bad. The non-release of Her Name Is Nicole should have been Ms Scherzinger's wake-up call that people weren't interested in her as a solo artist, but worryingly she seems to have learned nothing from the experience, which does not bode well.
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