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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. This is amazing! Thank you. Could you maybe link it another way so it doesn't automatically embed?
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  2. Here you go!
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  3. He is too busy, so is there anyone who can maybe create something in the next month during the voting period?
  4. Hey!

    My PJ christmas is about to start! Is there anybody who wants to create the headbanger? I am thinking of the PJ logo alongside some typical christmas features (e.g. mistletoe, christmas tree, presents, snow). Feel free to pick from those features or add ones. You have complete creative freedom!
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  5. Still need somebody Sprocky? I love any excuse to be festive.
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  6. @Remorque has reached out to me too! I would say the more the merrier. Maybe you can make a banner for the rate if you would like as he is about to make some gifs!
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  7. I am looking for some help with a one-off song contest in ESC/PJSC style, planning to start this in a week or two, theme is languages of Europe (minus English...). Anyone here who can help with the graphics as I am... challenged in that dpt.
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  8. Wanting to get the graphics for the Natasha Bedingfield discography rate as done as they can be so I'm not scrambling once it's at the top of the queue. Fine to do them myself but I'm having trouble finding a font that looks somewhat similar to Unwritten, since they used their own font / a modified version as far as I can tell.

    Any ideas? Doesn't need to be a free one just... locatable.
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  9. *opens Excel for the first time since middle school*
    Oh, how am I going to make a sheet for a rate from scratch?

    And then I realized that there's this amazing and helpful thread.

    I decided to use this sheet as a template for my upcoming rate. Thank you so much, @soratami and @londonrain for creating this!
    It did need some altering after the copying didn't work out that well (such as copying data from the formulas etc.) but it's all fine now.
  10. It does require some tweaks based on the number of songs, but that aside it's super easy to use. If you need any help just ask. Also, I just noticed I need to replace the link with the original one. It's supposed to be blank, but I started a new spreadsheet on top of it the other day without remember to make a copy first.
  11. The main issue I had was copying the ranking formula (which initially didn't work, because there was "," istead of ";") without changing the cells in the data field of the formula and that the copied cells had a different format.
    Took me a while to get it, but that the solution is to put a $ in each column/row/range you want to stay the same. For example, in the raking formula, instead of writing RANK.EQ(C5 ; C1;C10) in the first cell you should put RANK.EQ(C5 ; C$1:C$10).
    It did annoy me a bit trying to arrange it all, but at least I learned a few new things.

    And I was about to ask about sorting the commentary, but @DJHazey and @londonrain alteady posted some useful tips about it - thank you for that.
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  12. Have you tried one of those sites where you can identify a font to see what it is or find ones that are similar?
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  13. Yeah, I'll probably use Ammonia if I find no others.
    Was just posting on the off chance anyone could think of a closer looking one.
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  14. Do you need it to write new text or just for the song titles? Beacause in the second case I can help you and extract the png files from the back cover of the album.
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  15. I did wonder about that but I can't find the back cover in good quality, and there's a lot of miscellaneous songs so it's probably easier if I just write new text. Thank you though.
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  16. What size do y'all use for track artworks and banners?
  17. aux


    I use 640x640 pixels for artworks.
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  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I use 500x500
  19. Thank you, legends.

    Currently working on graphics for my future (and by future I mean who knows when that will be) first rate. I'm trying to do all of these graphics myself in hopes of improving my mostly non-existent skills. If I ever end up needing assistance for something further on, I'll be sure to check in here.
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  20. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I wouldn’t go below 500x500 for sure. Good luck @The Hot Rock
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