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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Thank you @londonrain for that spreadsheet example! As someone who failed accounting in high school, I find the spreadsheet to be the most challenging part of rate hosting ddd. I will be stealing some of those formulas.

    Also how did you make it so that when you scroll, the text and average rows stay still?
  2. Freeze paning.
  3. How do you go about activating that, by the way? I have never worked it out Dddddd
  4. This is what I did for the Sabrina rate, and it did help.
    I prefer your/@ohnostalgia/mine/etc rate style over standard bare bones ones, but I've never had a problem with any rate style.

    This is such a great thread @londonrain.
  5. View -> Freeze Pane. Should be similar in google sheets and excel.
  6. This is a rate spreadsheet template based on the one @londonrain posted in the opening post. It's easy to use and gives you a ton of information without requiring any effort aside from inputting people's scores. It might come in handy for people wanting to host their first rate or experienced hosts who have been using a more basic spreadsheet in previous rates.

    The first sheet is divided into sections (which can be, for example, albums or acts), and can readily give you information such as album averages and a lot more. It's currently divided into 8 sections of 9 songs each, but you can easily increase or decrease the number of sections, songs or songs per section. You just have to make sure the averages for each section are being calculated correctly (for example, if your first section has 12 songs instead of 9, the "Section 1 average" cell, C81, should read =AVERAGE(C2:C13) instead of =AVERAGE(C2:C10)).

    The second sheet is a more simplified version of the first one, and can be useful for, for example, sorting the songs in elimination order while keeping the first sheet in default order.

    Credit goes to @londonrain for creating this, all I did was clean it up and make some minor tweaks. If anyone does use the spreadsheet and has some trouble with it, feel free to bring it up in this thread as I'm sure people will be able to help.
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  7. This is amazing! Thank you. Could you maybe link it another way so it doesn't automatically embed?
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  8. Here you go!
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  9. *opens Excel for the first time since middle school*
    Oh, how am I going to make a sheet for a rate from scratch?

    And then I realized that there's this amazing and helpful thread.

    I decided to use this sheet as a template for my upcoming rate. Thank you so much, @soratami and @londonrain for creating this!
    It did need some altering after the copying didn't work out that well (such as copying data from the formulas etc.) but it's all fine now.
  10. It does require some tweaks based on the number of songs, but that aside it's super easy to use. If you need any help just ask. Also, I just noticed I need to replace the link with the original one. It's supposed to be blank, but I started a new spreadsheet on top of it the other day without remember to make a copy first.
  11. The main issue I had was copying the ranking formula (which initially didn't work, because there was "," istead of ";") without changing the cells in the data field of the formula and that the copied cells had a different format.
    Took me a while to get it, but that the solution is to put a $ in each column/row/range you want to stay the same. For example, in the raking formula, instead of writing RANK.EQ(C5 ; C1;C10) in the first cell you should put RANK.EQ(C5 ; C$1:C$10).
    It did annoy me a bit trying to arrange it all, but at least I learned a few new things.

    And I was about to ask about sorting the commentary, but @DJHazey and @londonrain alteady posted some useful tips about it - thank you for that.
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  12. Thanks to @londonrain 's R&B examples - I was finally able to count the amount of 10s given by each voter for my current rate! Love these resources and thanks for sharing! :D

    I'd give you all mine from the Girl Band Rates etc but they are super basic Ddddd
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  13. This is quite a random question, but when posting the average scores of the songs, which decimal separator should we use - commas or dots?
    Commas are frequently used in Europe (including my country), so I'm very much used to that notation, but point separator is used in UK, USA, China and other larger territories (and is usually used in the rates here, too), which kind of makes me wonder if I should switch to that one.
    I know this is kind of a dumb question, but blame my slight OCD for thinking about something so unimportant.
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  14. We're right.

    They're wrong!

    Another case solved ddd
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  15. Better to use dots as that's what's set by default on the spreadsheet, and also how most people submit their scores. Of course using commas can work, just make sure the spreadsheet is set last correctly. Last time I did a rate I accidentally copied a handful of scores with commas to the spreadsheet and I only realised days later that they weren't being counted at all.
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  16. That may be the translation student in me, but I treat dots as just another part of the English language. So I use them in posts. I strongly prefer commas behind the scenes and my Excel spreadsheet agrees so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  17. Yet another case of conflicting opinions, haha!

    I've been putting commas on the sheet and it works perfectly fine so far - even when I change them to dots, it automatically changes the average score decimal points to dots.
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  18. I use dots when I’m writing in English and commas when I’m writing in French. I don’t think it’s a country-specific thing; it’s a language-specific thing. So I always use dots on the forum.
  19. Dots they are, then!
    This will especially come in handy because the decimal scores I've received already have dots, so it's much easier to just copy them onto the commentary sheet, instead of amending each and every score that has commentary along with them.

    Although, I totally get @Verandi, that's something that will always bug me - why there isn't a universal decimal separator?
  20. I don't know if it's obvious but for me it was not so it might help somebody, but when I was doing the averages on Excel I noticed (thankfully in time) that some ballots were being counted as texts instead of numbers so... not calculated at all. It wasn't even a problem of commas and dots, just the formatting of some cells.

    Basically what I'm saying is: double check ddd
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