The Raveonettes - Wishing You a Rave Christmas


I know this thread will disappear fast off the face of the Earth, but I thought I'd try anyway.

Greatest band in the universe, The Raveonettes, have released a digital EP of Xmas songs. They are all ace. Especially the cover of Phil Spector's Christmas: Baby Please Come Home.

The have done a seasonal song before (The Christmas Song) and that was good, these are even better. If you haven't heard of the band before, (and I'm pretty confident in that) they are very very very very good indeed. And as an added incentive, they have recently been using far more synthesizers in their sound, thus making them even better

You can go listen to them here
Oooh I love The Raveonettes!!!

Pretty In Black was about the best album of 2005, and I've loved the newer stuff too. Must. Check. This. Out.

It's much cheaper on playdigital than iTunes. Strange. I've looked at all the tracks available but can't find The Christmas Song anywhere. Is it just an online, fanclub type thing?

I just bought the EP on iTunes for £3.16 and I love it! Quite funny as well as I only just added 'The Christmas Song' to the Xmas playlist I was making.

I really love the sound of this. 'Baby Please Come Home' is epic. I haven't really listened to Lust Lust Lust at all apart from the single 'You Want the Candy' but I was a big fan of Pretty In Black when it was released. They're a very good band really, unfortunately overlooked though even by me!
Blush, The Beat Dies and Hallucinations are all great tracks off Lust Lust Lust. I'm glad you liked the xmas EP!
I've only listened to it a few times but it all seemed a bit samey to me.

The Christmas Song is my most favourite Christmas song ever. It never fails to depress the shit out of me.
I have retroactively decided that 'Lust, Lust, Lust' is the best album of 2007 (based partly on the fact that bar Girls Aloud I haven't listened more to any other act according to and 'Christmas Song' is AMAZING.

So, duh, I loved this. I just love them to bits.