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The Real Housewives: All Stars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. Gaga <3

  2. The Blue Stone Manor Massacre has began filming. Rumour is Dorinda has already buried Taylor in a suitcase.
  3. This should've been titled the Redemption Trip since none of them are on any active shows.
  4. Dorinda will devour all of them to secure her comeback to RHONY,
  5. I give them one meal before Dorinda or Brandi bring up Vicki's Cancer Scam
  6. I can't believe this season 2 cast is real. It's like a fever dream and I can't wait to see the surreal madness.
  7. Season 2's cast is just insane. I know we're getting a God-tier, culture-shaping, life-changing season from these women and also Eva. It's completely wild.
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  8. Among the cast the least desperate to comeback I say would be Eva. But even then we know she can read if she needs to.

    The rest will be CHAOTIC ENERGY at most/best because they wanna earn back their spot on the main show.

    I'm ready for MESS. Dana or Kim G/D should appear as friends of.
  9. Season 3 let’s have Dana/Pam, Elyse, Katie Rost and Allison DuBios
  10. I hope Vickie and Tamra bring that season 14 energy. They were absolutely NUTS their final season.
  11. Imagine it was actually a Survivor like miniseries and the last woman standing gets to go back into the show they were fired/left from.
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  12. That is a truly incredible cast, holy fuck.

    I just remembered that Tamra and Brandi LOATHE each other, this is gonna be iconic. It can't fail.
  13. Filming at Bluestone Manor, my prayers were answered!
  14. I'd also argue that virtually of them (maybe aside from Brandi and Taylor) are in line to potentially return to their respective city. They've definitely put this group together not only for entertainment purposes but to see who performs well and who fans praise the most. We know Bravo likes to test the women out like this.

    It's a shame Atlanta is about to start filming or else you know they would've had Sheree instead of Eva and that would've been 8/8 in terms of iconic characters.
  15. Honestly, I’m more excited for this season than the first one of All Stars.
  16. Tweet this to Cokehen.
  17. People would get killed!

  18. WHOMST will be the first victim? I say VICKY!
  19. I’m manifesting Alex from RHONY making a surprise visit from Australia as the thug in a cocktail dress and in her Herman Munster shoes.
  20. I can’t even with RHUGT.
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