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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Another Housewives thread??

    Well, yeah, because Atlanta actually has more viewers than any other Housewives franchise.

    Despite the past season being a bit of a slog, it has otherwise been consistently amazing. Also, it is the host of such legendary moments that include:
    I say I'm twenty-nine but I'm really eighty-niiiiiiiiiiiine.

    Who gonna check me, boo??




    It may not have the comedic highs of New York or Potomac, but it features compelling women who can be brilliantly dynamic both in success and in conflict. Seasons 5 and 6 are my personal favorites, as it introduced my personal favorite castmember: Kenya Moore.

    She will thankfully be back for season 12, which premieres on November 10th. Discuss and enjoy here!
  2. Let's talk about the subject at hand.
  3. The best Housewives franchise. The women always deliver and Bravo continues to show their racism towards them through BTS bullshit.


    I am so looking forward to the premiere Sunday. Last season clearly suffered without Queen Kenya but thankfully Porsha and Kandi were willing to carry the show on their back.

    I really can't wait to see Nene get her comeuppance this season when the 'spit' moment goes down.
  4. Apparently Nene doesn’t turn up until episode 3 so at least we’ll be off to a LIGHTER start.
  5. The main thread is looking pretty redundant right now. Give Jersey its own thread and cut the rest.
  6. But where will we do our re-enactments of OC Fashion Icon Kathy Marino and her hashtag anti bullying TED talks?
  7. We’d be better off with a Real Housewives sub forum than an X Factor one...
  8. Good shout @johnny_tsunami.I find that Atlanta comments sometimes get lost in the main thread, so it’ll be good to have its own thread.

    I’m so hyped for the new season, especially now my true queen, Kenya, has returned.
  9. Having seen the first episode, it’s VERY Kenya-focused.
  10. Good tbh
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  11. As it should be.
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  12. Is this when we stan Cynthia for an entire page just to anger @Meathook ?
  13. Not the WIN A CASE conversation again!

    I feel triggered.
  14. RHOA is one of my favourites alongside RHONY. The drama over the years has been incredible, and the show houses some of my favourite Housewives ever.

    I'm so excited for the redemption of Kenya, who is probably my favourite Housewife ever due to how she played the game.

    She entered season 5 as the antagonist, single-handedly reviving the show with her ridiculous drama, over-the-top reactions and instant clashes with Porsha and Phaedra. "Maybe you should stop texting me then" at the season 5 reunion solidified her spot as the machiavellian character on the show - drawing all attention to herself and setting up season 6 perfectly. She continued this role continuing into season 6, and then flipped the script in the aftermath the fall-out of Pillow Talk and became the anti-hero, particularly during the season 6 reunion (an all-time best across the franchises).

    Seasons 8 and 9 refocused her as the new HBIC in the wake of Nene's departure, and her shock marriage pre-season 10 jump-started her personal storyline and had us all thinking she had finally found her happy ever after.

    It looks like in season 12 will once again turn things on their head with her dramatics and raw and revealing marriage break-up storyline, and we'll finally get to see her pride and joy, Baby Brooklyn Doris. Legend.
  15. Special shout-out to Porsha, who in my opinion has had one of the best character-development arcs in Housewives history.

    Initially introduced as a girly, breathless ditzy rich girl, Porsha's shaky marriage and feud with Kenya - who dominated her in most arguments - carved her out as the baby sister of the group who was not to be taken seriously. At the season 5 reunion it's clear that Porsha's was dangerously close to being axed from the show. Then her shock divorce saved her job, and we saw Porsha struggle with her independence. Largely a non-factor in season 6, Porsha cemented herself as a Housewives legend by skull-dragging Kenya at the season 6 reunion.

    Season 7 saw re-positioned Porsha as the shady, bitchy Friend and cultivated her Queen of Thotland image. This much more fun and self-aware Porsha won her a legion of fans in seasons 8 & 9, and like a cat with nine lives she managed to emerge relatively unscathed from Sex Jungeon-gate, spending the entire following season atoning and making amends with both cast and audience.

    The most recent season saw a more mature, loveable and relaxed Porsha, a modern-day I Love Lucy, settling into family life. I'm excited to see what this season holds for Porsha as she navigates motherhood and her fiance's infidelities.

    "I'm not into teacups, bitch. Short and stout."
  16. Porsha really is the Sonja of Atlanta, what with not only her seamlessly shifting personas but also in her role as lovable comic relief. Her and Kenya are single-handedly responsible for keeping Atlanta breathing.
  17. Only if you wish to reciprocate his bitchy energy.
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  18. N*n* not getting any mention in this thread.

  19. I was just rewatching some of season 4 and the first episode has to be one of the best episodes of housewives. And, this has be one of the best confrontations ever.
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