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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. M2M hate AND Melissa Gorga stanning on the same day?

  2. Society has evolved past the need for Married To Medicine.
  3. But not Beverly Hills and OC? Now even you know that isn’t true.
  4. Married to Medicine is amazing, and this season in particular is the only “Covid season” of a Bravo show that hasn’t felt icky (or tiring) to watch, considering they’re all in the medical field. RHOBH & RHONY x COVID will completely pale in comparison!
  5. RHONJ waves a hey and asks is Bitch better?
  6. Ugh I used to absolutely love Porsha but I just can't get behind her as a focal point. A great ensemble member though. I went off her big time during Phaedra's demise because she was not only complicit but completely dodged accountability for years to come.
  7. "Is your wig squeezing your brain too tight, heifer?"

    NeNe STRUTTING into Kim's house after choking her and pretending to not even know what Kim wanted to talk about, I -


    (I'd choke Kim, too)
  8. I’ve truly lost any teensy bit of respecti had left for Drew in the last 48 hours. The shit she’s pulling with LaToya’s soon-to-be ex-husband is lower than low.
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  9. I need a run down...
  10. Basically Drew is so mad that LaToya May or may not have slept with her “prophet” or preacher (we can have that conversation about power dynamics later), that she has inserted herself in LaToya & Adam’s divorce drama. The man has already admitted he cheated on her but is gaslighting her because she’s been with a few guys while their divorce is ongoing. There have been accusations that Adam physically abused LaToya. (He later admitted there was “an incident”)

    And Drew is kiki’ing on IG like “well you came for me, so now I’m exposing you.” Posting text message threads between LaToya and her ex, doing IG lives with the ex-husband to get dirt, etc. The ex also intimated on the Live that he’s been hacking LaToya’s emails, iCloud account and has salacious pictures and videos he’s threatening to leak and all the while Drew is like “yasss get her!”.

    All this over a wig and your “prophet” potentially abusing his power and having sex with her?

    It’s very “sweep around your own kitchen before you sweep around mine”. Drew needs to be worried about Ralph and his solo trips out of town where he don’t answer his phone.
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  11. Whew I knew about LaToya and Adam's online back-and-forth this week but I somehow missed that he was going on lives with Drewisha? Drew is actually Kenya 2.0 because she's so, so messy.

    Given there's a lot of chatter about LaToya not being brought back for next season, you'd think that Drew would pay her dust if she really hated her. Doing all this is just giving Bravo pause and a legit reason to have LaToya return.
  12. They did one live on Monday. Right after he finished on The Jasmine Brand. This whole situation is just getting out of hand.
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  13. Agreed. Some of the accusations have been really horrifying. I just find it pathetic that parents of three small children would take to social media to air shit out, rather than communicating through therapists or lawyers.
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  14. S4. Peter Thomas is dehydrated. Does he stay this effortlessly ridiculous?
  15. Peter or Patricia? We need to figure this out. Because we happen to like Peter a whole lot better than Patricia.
  16. Marlo touring round New Orleans in her pyjamas
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  17. I'm on S4 South Africa and I take it this is around the time/season that the downfall of Nene begins? Because you can see how big her ego has gotten and she's just not fun anymore. Hooking up with Marlo because she's nearly isolated herself from everyone else.
    Marlo. WTF. How did she ever get back on the show after that slur? Not cool. She talks to service people everywhere like absolute shit. She acts nearly as desperate as Dana Wilkey.
    Sheree has been having a great season so I'm surprised she's not back for S5?
    Kim and her new baby are boring.
    Cynthia is there.
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