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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. This is already better than episode two.

    "...and it's not Le'Archive"
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  2. I am finally watching the premiere and the immediate rush of joy seeing Sheree on my screen. You were all so right about the opening scene of the legends cutting up being pure euphoria.
  3. Yes.
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  4. If the storyline is fake, then it's so embarrassing for Drew and Ralph. Every scene with them is just terrible. And of course if it's real, then Ralph is the latest in a long line of trash husbands. It always feel like as soon as we get rid of one (Peter, Apollo, Marc) another soon turns up. The less we see of the both of them, the better.

    I actually got a bit choked up at the Kenya and Sheree scene. They're in such a great place, I really hope they stay that way. And Chateau Sheree looks absolutely fantastic!
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  5. Sanya's mom kind of carrying their family scenes, I'm ready to stan.

    Sheree's house looked great so what gives on that weird deflated sound when she carried in the packaged sweets?! I enjoy that they're taking cues from Potomac with the editing but maybe lighten up a tad.

    Y'all complaining about the slow episode (it was) while I'm just happy we got that pathetic dinner scene out of the way early! The pacing is a weird choice this early but if it's clearing the way for AWRF-AWRF then so be it.
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  6. I actually liked the episode. Clearly I'm in the minority but I was never bored, and it was refreshing to see Bravo really go in on Ralph's gaslighting and insanity. Drew's delusions!!
  7. This already feels like the best season since season 9.
  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I feel bad for Drew to an extent, but the way she moves takes away all that goodwill. She tries to create drama where they isn't any - trying to make "moments", and she's busy shading Sheree and other folks, when her kitchen itself is bare and exposed to the world. Sanya already is more likable than her and we've had at least 20+ other episodes with Drew. She's a cornball and unlike Kenya, she doesn't know how to rock the boat with finesse and skill.

    It's giving...flatline.
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  9. I know she is the punchline but was I the only one that felt a legitimate sadness for Drew at the end of her dinner when she sat there poking at her food? Her man is absolutely sexy and fine but what a douchebag.
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I think she just really wants to be part of the group, which I understand, but she needs to leave her husband and be open to the women. I can see her being split between wanting to put up a good image and stay in her marriage for image sake, but she deflects from that by being catty and weird with the ladies. I feel that she needs to start being honest with herself and her reality and then she'd connect with the audience and the cast better.
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  11. Yeah and it doesn't help her case that she has created this MLM in conjunction with her husband, Drop It With Drew, in which...nothing has been dropped except dignity.
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  12. None of this is really anything new, though. We've seen countless Housewives endure awful relationships and deflect with both delusion and cattiness, including some of the greats. And dicey business ventures are a hallmark of the series ddd. I think the biggest issue is that none of the women have a genuine connection to Drew, so even if her issues/stories were compelling, it feels like she's on an island doing her own show (the editing definitely didn't help this week). I 100% agree that she needs to open up and get closer with at least some of the women if she's going to earn a 3rd season. If she doesn't have an ally on the show soon, it's only going to get worse for her... and us.
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  13. Their faces skdhfslkdfj
  14. I'd love to blame Drew but the reality is that it was Mother's Day for us Americunties.
  15. Not the Porsha stans feeling vindicated in the replies, I hate this fandom!!
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  16. Does Mother’s Day usually affect ratings that much? Those numbers are pretty terrible. NJ is clobbering the other franchises. Little Meatballs won.
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  17. Any major holiday does and mother's day is definitely one of those. I'd say it still would be under .9 million but not quite as dire.
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  18. Does anybody know where I could watch all the seasons? Amazon Prime is not available in my country and I'm failing hard at searching for other sources :(
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  19. Can you get hayu?
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