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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Kenya grinning from ear to ear "that's what broke my heart the most; to see you cry! :)"
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  2. Not this.

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    I screamed.
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  4. Marlo has absolutely been the highlight of this season. I underestimated how much of an impact she would have as a peach holder because I was so used to seeing her in every episode anyway.

    However I will say this, as much as it’s hilarious seeing her drag Kenya and Kandi behind their backs she needs to either have a game plan or start practicing for the reunion now. She does not have the best track record on the couch. Words escape her and she is not quick - even Shamari cleared her. Kenya and Kandi will eat her up and leave no crumbs and Sheree will not intervene.
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  5. The whole fanbase is in an uproar about Beverly Hills but my brain won't stop manifesting this:

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  6. Marlo is doing exactly what she needs to be doing, which is bringing mess and she will rightfully get what she deserves when Kenya and Kandi obliterate her and it’ll be a glorious full circle moment, which we never really get in Beverly Hills. And what’s better, Marlo will never change so she’ll be back at it next season.
  7. I am getting close to the end of season five of Atlanta and I feel like I have witnessed peak television. This is one of the best seasons across all housewives franchises I have seen to date. Thank you lord for Bravo!!!
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  8. “you shoulda put it in my hand!” dhdhdjdjd
  9. Catching up with latest episode and i fear that Drew is semi bringing it with her beef against Sanya.
  10. I'm kind of screaming at how bad Sanya is playing this. Drew should have been such an easy takedown but she really played herself! It's great television, I fear.
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  11. This season is so good! The pacing is so much better than the last three seasons, when everything seemed to take an age.
  12. Drew is the hero of the season.
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  13. Uno


    Sanya is doing a bit too much. I really enjoyed her the first few episodes, too.
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  14. I'm loving Kenya versus Marlo because they're both so fucking funny and smart. I'm bopping to both sides.
  15. Kenya having a cold for two episodes. Mutha serving us arc
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  16. Also sorry for the double post but Drew low-key ate this episode sorry fags!
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  17. I didn’t think Drew did that but she definitely gave us something which is more than her usual. Marlo and Kenya though? Delicious.
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  18. After 7 episodes I can say that this is the best Housewives cast we have currently, along with RHOP & RHONJ. Legends!
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  19. I was dying when Kenya admitted her wig was a mess. Our sick mother could not be arsed having another argument over hair with Marlo.
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  20. I loved how Marlo calling it a Mary Kay wig was so spot-on.
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