The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I’m enjoying this season because I feel even a bad ATL season is better than most “good” seasons of other HWs shows. I feel the biggest issue is that the show was so ahead of the pack for so long, that the slightest misstep feels fatal.

I even feel like the “bad” HWs has value. Right now I feel the main cast plus Courtney is good, but something is missing. A Nene or Porsha is needed to tie it together. There feels like there isn’t a proper lead. Marlo is doing her best to keep things interesting but they don’t take her seriously so it doesn’t work. Same for Courtney who I think is fabulous.

They need a newbie who can truly get Kenya and Kandi activated.

I hope the ratings turn around though because it’s sad seeing ATL like this. Rumors have it that even Peacock/delayed numbers are low.
I do dearly miss Cynthia and think she would help with the dynamics. That said, I would watch any lineup that includes a combination of Kandi, Kenya or Sheree. They are just icons to me.


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Marlo's habit of cursing someone out or being rude af to then call someone "beautiful" to punctuate as if it negates her preceding words... just a mean, bitter, unhappy person. She's run her course; she can gallop out of the lineup STAT.
Honestly, after this season ends they need to completely clear house and keep only Kandi and Kenya. Sanya is a dud, Marlo has zero storyline and is now getting violent with Monyetta, Drew is done after this divorce storyline.

Sheree could *MAYBE* stay but I’d only keep if her if they got Kim back in order to exploit that storyline.