The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The "hosted parties" bit had me screaming! Pillow Fight really was a wild time. That video got me oddly emotional as well.

I don't think the show is beyond saving, it just needs different people at the top making the right decisions. At the moment they're making all the wrong ones.

I finally caught up on the last two episodes and although I haven't hated this season, I am glad it's over. It's felt like a half of the time was spent showing Marlo screaming at Drew, a quarter of Kandi and Marlo's argument and then the other half was spent showing the kiss argument in the hotel room. Regardless of how "boring" some might feel some of the Housewives stories have been, I fail to believe that anything was bad enough that those three plot threads needed to take up most of the screentime.

I'm taking the reboot/cast shake up rumours with a pinch of salt. I couldn't care less if Marlo and Sanya go, but Drew felt like the new Porsha. She's needed to get rid of Ralph for a while and now is the perfect time to have her part of the cast, as she navigates her new life. I'd also like to see more of her getting her music career going, but the show apparently doesn't want to show much of this.
They’re not helping fight the calls for a reboot with this first part of the reunion. Every one of them are looking foolish dd. The rehearsed reads, flop props, stumbling lies…lord.
I had so much fun watching that reunion. Because the season wasn’t about much, it was all over the place, but fun nonetheless. You can definitely tell they were told about the reboot before hand and knew they had to step it up.

The biggest shock to me was Drew performing in part two. They *really* had nothing to talk about huh?
Yeah, it was a fun enough episode, but all it really did was highlight that this season had zero interesting feuds/storylines. They were arguing over nothing for 90% of the episode. Like, when Sheree printing some Google reviews of Kandi's restaurant is getting the most attention, there's a BIG fucking problem.

Monyetta didn't deserve a seat on the stage. 2 years of giving literally nothing. We better never see her again. And while at one point I thought Courtney might be a fun troublemaker, she's proven just to be boring and grimy. Get her gone, too. Honestly, the show really does need to drop at least half the cast going into next year.

A few scenarios I could see working:

Kandi, Kenya, Porsha, Drew, 3 new girls
Kandi, Kenya, Marlo, Drew, 3 new girls
Kenya, Porsha, Cynthia, Sheree, 3 new girls

Either way, there's no place for Sanya. She seems like a lovely person with a beautiful family, but... that doesn't make a good housewife. I think having Kandi, Kenya, and Porsha would be the best-case scenario, but I don't know how realistic it is at this point. Some combo of Marlo, Sheree, and Drew should be back, but they all need to step it up.

She’s serving, your honor (literally).

Not this direct Nene reunion quote!

Drew's read was pathetic. You're out of touch - you're touchless. GURL REALLY?

I did cackle at Sheree VS Kandi. Especially when Kandi went THE SHOTS ON YOUR FACE and Sheree said Hey Johnny! The rest happened but NOT Courtney serving us a lewk before her exit?
Also, She News was iconic and it's now on IG. I love to support a woman with fake businesses, media company included!