The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Ralph is diabolical and triggering, but Drew having a tantrum only to be consoled and then cajoled into returning to the stage to perform while everyone sat there... was giving me toddler at a family function who has a meltdown and then sings Twinkle Twinkle in a tutu and everyone encouragingly applauds. This show has become demented but in a not very fun way.
How awkward and weird that whole performance moment was….its hard to believe anything coming from Drew or Ralph. They are both so over the top it comes off as acting to me. More so with Ralph.
I'm sort of terrified that Drew's song was a lullaby of death for the show. How can it come back from that?

But if it does, please let it be with Kandi, Kenya, Porsha, and a few others that don't (sorry folks) include Marlo, Drew, Sanya and probably, I hate to say it, Sheree.
Yeah, after that, unless Drew quits I don't see her going anywhere. I don't believe all this "the producers are listening to the fans" because when have they ever? The reunion was dull, but she was fighting all the way through. I loved her saying "You are unverifiable" to Courtney, because it's so true.

Ralph and Courtney need to never set foot on this show ever again. They are both horrible, horrible people. I'm not too familiar what the other franchises do, but husbands and friends of should never be allowed confessionals. Peter set the standard for husbands being awful and then securing interviews out of it, and it's set a precedent since then. I'd prefer for them to only give confessionals to friends of who have previously been Housewives. Then we can get more confessionals from Cynthia chile.

Courtney is also a sign of how fractured the relationships are on this show now. Previous casts would never have allowed Courtney to come in and do all the nonsense that she's done this season. Remember how they gathered "common law wife" Natalie, or Yovanna From Clark. The way the woman came together and just said "Yeah, we're not going to allow you to do this" and that was that. It's the sort of thing we should have seen this season, but I think because it's Drew I don't think the woman are overly keen to defend her. Still, Courtney is messy, not in a good way, and needs to run away with Ralph somewhere far away.

I also find it interesting how people are quick to say that Kenya should be off the show for some one the things she's done, but then are falling over themselves to declare that Courtney should have a peach! No thank you!

Speaking of Kenya, I loved the way she dragged Ralph so eloquently. She called him a deadbeat husband without actually calling him a deadbeat husband. It was beautiful and delivered in a way only Kenya can.

They also need to stop trying to make Sheree the anchor of this show. She can be entertaining, but she can't do what Cynthia did, or what Sanya tries to do (sometimes). She proved in the early years that she works best as almost a foil for other personalities like Nene or Kim. Trying to make her the head of the cast will never ever work.

For me there was just a bit too much focus on Ralph and Drew at the end. Especially when it was clear that neither of them truly wanted to talk about anything. Threw Us Away is a bop and gives me old school RnB vibes (puts me in mind of something Brandy would record), but we did not need a performance of it. It was horribly awkward and extended what was already an uncomfortable section of the show. Drew should have refused to come back on.

I don't know where the show goes from here. I've said before that I don't want a major cast shakeup because there needs to be time for the friendships to be cemented. But at this point I don't even know if that's possible. I can see Kenya and Drew getting close again, but as a group, I really don't know if ever stand a chance of being close ever again.
Yeah she's still among my absolute faves but trying to anchor the show with Sheree was like OC trying to anchor that city with Heather, both work immensely better as supporting characters/foils to the 'biggest' personalities. Reunions remain her weak spot so I'm not sure why they gave her first chair for a second consecutive season nn.
I'd prefer for them to only give confessionals to friends of who have previously been Housewives.
Friends Of completely deserve confessionals, its sometimes refreshing to see a more outside perspective, and sometimes of they are in the drama they deserve them as well.
But yes, no husband should get a solo condesisonal, but that's been happening since the OC early days (that I'm currently watching).