The Real Housewives of Atlanta



Reciprocate that energy, Cynthia!
This is lending credence to a rumor that went around the Housewives Reddit last week.

Rumor is:

Bravo is going the NYC route except no one is screwing up contracts this time. There will be two shows; RHOA and yes, RHOA Legacy. The network was so happy with the RHONY refresh, they want to apply it to Atlanta. However, they still want to keep Kandi, Kenya and Sheree on TV and in their fold because of how high their Q scores are.

Allegedly Eva and Cynthia have already been approached and They’re looking at Porsha or Nene to return. Yea, NENE. Apparently that’s Andy’s doing.
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Well I guess Andy came to his senses because he needs to pay for baby number 3.

I can't believe the network is 'happy with the PHONY refresh' and is going the same route for RHOA. It smells like fiction, but then again, DELUSION, CONVINCE YOURSELF!

Did PHONY even do well?
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I hate the idea of starting fresh on RHOA proper and creating a new show for the existing cast. Like, keep the existing cast on the show they STARTED and put some new girls on another show? I get that it's a contract tactic to lower fees, but it's just stupid and treats the existing Housewives like they don't matter.
Listen, I really do get the dilemma - they want to keep the current franchises going because of brand recognition while also adding in new, fresh women and stories (and, as said, cutting the ties with expensive longer-term cast members on a full time, annual basis). And they're also terrified of franchise fatigue as there's 9 cities on the air currently so there's basically no chance of them adding any new ones at this point for the time being. I just don't think relying on the Legacy concept as a way to do it makes any sense? I have no interest in a brand new set of Atlanta Real Housewives just like I didn't with New York.

If you're going to put in all this effort to bring back Nene and assemble an awesome cast, then just do it on the original show and bring it back to its former glory? I'd be fine with shorter seasons too if they're good.
I know it's an unpopular opinion because Porsha is so loved, but from about season 7 onward, Porsha, and later Drew, made the show start to feel more like 'Love & Hip Hop' than 'Housewives.' Also, even though it's entertaining, Kenya's shadow producing can feel a bit overwhelming at times. It’s clear that Kandi is ready to move on.

I feel the people who defined RHOA and its legacy, and around whom it should be built, are NeNe and Phaedra. Add Eva, Cynthia, Shereé, Kim Zolciak and/or Lisa Wu with Marlo as a friend. I think that would make a strong cast.
So, only Kandi and Drew are being asked back from current lineup. The others chopped (with a potential of friend of roles?). Porsha will be returning as a full time housewife. Currently being recasted with filming due to commence mid Feb.