The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I thought I would miss them too, but maybe the time is right for them to go. Drew and Sanya as well, with luck. Kenya, Porsha, and new girls might revitalise the show at last.
Kenya and Porsha playing fake nice and picking random new girls to have dumb beef with sounds like a nightmare. They need Marlo around to keep them on their toes.
Yeah, I find Marlo hysterical at times and exhausting at others. A Nene, Kenya, Porsha, etc tea. I don’t think removing her would be a guaranteed improvement.
She’s not married. It’s for a perfume line she allegedly has coming out. Derek Blanks shot the video and a photoshoot for the campaign.
I've actually enjoyed Marlo the past two seasons... sure she tried too bloody hard to get anything out of Kandi last year, but I think with a stronger cast she will come across a lot better.