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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

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  2. She's evil. Imagine even talking about business during a pandemic.
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  3. I'm 2/3rds through season 7 and the name Roger Bobb haunts me in my dreams.
  4. Alright well I'm part-way through season 8 and I don't even know where to start on what I have experienced in the last few weeks. These women are a part of my life now.

    Kenya may be my favorite housewife ever...? I'm obsessed with her brand of vacant good natured-ness and mommy issue-driven psychological chaos, and she's an aquarius, making her a misunderstood queen quite like myself ddd. Seeing her finally be vindicated was lovely. Marlegend is also an aquarius so I'm in good but extremely chaotic company. We could have a great time or I could get shouted at with a megaphone and slashed in the face. Who's to say!

    One thing I know for sure that my favorite intro of all time is now:
    "People get exhausted trying to figure me out... and i just let them :-)"
    (Only to then be replaced by the much less iconic "Don't come for me... unless I ~~twirl~~ for you!!")

    I was shocked when Porsha didn't get fired for mowing Kenya down, but she's proved her value as she's progressed in the series. Crazy to watch her rise from the ashes of assaulting a woman on national television like a thot pheonix, never really even having to take responsibility for it! That's pretty privelege wuv xo. The scene at Lake Linear of course brought things back into question but I think the accepted narrative is that the spirits in the lake possessed both Cynthia and Portia right?

    I still very much enjoy Phaedra and her quips but the last few season have chewed her up and spit her out (with her refusing to be genuine about it all the while). Apollo going to prison really felt like the end of an era for the show, given that he provided a lot of the central narrative for seasons 5 to 7, with season 8 being a strange Nene-less adjustment period.

    Why did they give her the whack? She definitely wasn't enjoyable to watch by the end of the last season ddd but they ended things on such a weird note having Dr. Jeff come out and crack open her psyche like an egg at the season 7 reunion. (Also I was having horid visions when they kept talking about "Dr. Jeff's Session".) For better or worse, she truly is the matriarch of the franchise, which makes her an inherently fascinating character despite her dynamic with the women taking a total nosedive.

    I am also living for Kim Fields' boring ass and her hilariously out of place random suburban crying mom at the turn up energy. Oh and Sheree coming back to pop a neck vein from the sidelines every now and then. What a treasure, most of this show that I've seen so far sits comfortably next to RHONY in terms of quality.

    Thank you for coming to my TedX talk. Life twirls on!
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  5. Shit, I forgot to talk about Kandi who is extremely interesting her own respect as one of the most accomplished housewives in the entire franchise, providing total one-of-the-guys drama-free antics yet still managing to her way into central storylines, eventually taking her place as center peach holder during Nene's sabbatical. She's remarkably uncaptivating for television yet drove multiple spinoffs and by season 8 is the grounding force of the cast? Not my favorite, but compelling for being so unique amongst the housewives in general, and genuinely talented as fuck.

    I bop.
  6. Kandi rarely goes in completely (yet it’s sooooo good when she does) but she’s absolutely the glue holding the show together.
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  7. Season 8’s “ ‘Mmercial Arc” was peak car crash television. Also I MISS TAMMY
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  8. I just finished season 9 and.. I have no words, what an incredible reunion. Atlanta always brings it. What Phaedra did was single handedly one of the worst things I've ever witnessed on the 10+ years I've been watching The Real Housewives. There's no way she can ever return. Nene truly called it 4 seasons prior "you can never win when you play dirty, hunni" The fact she didn't even have a decent explanation but you could see the light leave her eyes as she realised she truly lost. I never really warmed to Phaedra and always felt the "Southern Belle" persona was so obviously fake, even her rehearsed reads and shade never really did it for me. What I will say is that as an audience member, it was nice to finally see a decent pay off - Kandi being vindicated, she really deserved that. I nearly choked up myself seeing the pain it had caused her.

    I'll also add that Porsha is very lucky to still be on the show, she's just as bad for bringing it to the table and her fake tears were the biggest bunch of bullshit. The fact she somehow tried to make out she was the victim was.. incredible. Truly an actress. I'm going to assume she turns it around during 10, 11 and 12 because it looks like she's a fan favourite now. Andy should've come down a lot harder on both women with his questioning. I was also expecting for Kenya to skull drag the both of them. Overall, I thought 9 was a great season. A big step up from 8 (which I didn't think was that bad) but the homophobia was rife again, whew. Cynthia has grown on me massively over time and I really like her now, I think Nene leaving really gave her some breathing room. The Sheree vs Kenya house drama was high camp at its finest and how good it was for the former to be a full-time cast member again.

    "She slept her way to the top of the Z-List DVD rack"
  9. Kenya’s “Finally getting what she deserves... evil bitch.” at the season 9 reunion haunts me.
  10. Oh my god, when Tammy comes back to the house in Miami and is standing in her hospital socks outside the door at 4am... how I screamed.
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  11. CHILLS! The vindication of it all.
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  12. And knowing she and her nephew and his friends had to CLIMB OVER THE GATE to get back to the house? I would have been terrified.
  13. “This isn’t children of the cornrows!”
  14. Porsha's skill in exposing Phaedra (the bus was on route to throw her under) by saying, "I'll leave Phaedra to explain," was masterful but cowardly too.
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  16. Bitch I YELLED
  17. Oh my GOD
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  18. I'm mid-way through season 7 so I have a season and a half until Phaedra's downfall, no idea what she does and right now she's still my favourite. I can't imagine hating her. I'm scared.
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  19. I need to make a move with Season 3 don't I...
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  20. You'll hate her.
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